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Arms Race Calendar

It doesn't matter if you're left or right
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For ease of use, left-handed people using right- handed calendars should go back in time.

Left-handed calendars are baked! This is a two- timeline calendar, one side for left-handers and one side for right-handers. A new layout means left-handers get to cross off dates forward in time without smudging, while right-handers also avoid smudging but actually log time backwards.

Ambidextrous people can keep using the left over gregorian calendars.

This will create the ultimate "arms" race - which timeline will the most innovation and breakthroughs be recorded on for humanity? A new holiday is created for when dates align, Hand-Holding Day ----

Achievements by both hands in the same 'ambidextrous year' are recorded as:

1998 RH / 2038 LH (2038 A.D. (AmbiDextrous))

1952 RH / 2084 LH (2084 A.D.)

1907 RH / 2129 LH (2129 A.D.)

Treejuice, May 12 2018

Illustration https://typingthisw...rmsracecalendar.jpg
example usage of the calendar [Treejuice, May 12 2018]

Left-Handed Calendar http://www.anything...wards-calendar.html
[Treejuice, May 12 2018]


       The thing is, in the English-speaking world, numbers are already written right-to-left, while words are written left-to-right. So you could say that calendars, combining words and numbers, are already ambidextrous.
pocmloc, May 12 2018


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