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Age of Aquarium Surface Shadowers

Tiny techno-boats in aquarium follow fish below.
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Via the wonders of image recognition, a miniature, battery powered motorboat speeds to and fro, tracing the erratic movements of a green Texas cichlid inches under it. A regatta of small sailboats makes petite waves as they flit in formation, mimicking the random darts of a pisces school in the aquarium depths. At the other end, a scaled down fishing boat trolls with faux hooks, trailing and never quite catching the pink tailed chalceus that idly swims below.
FarmerJohn, May 25 2005


       Speed boat with skier follows the zebra danios.
Zimmy, May 25 2005

       A freediver plunges into the depths, unsuccessfully pursues a fish, and return to the surface, remaining vigilant for boat traffic until it is time for the next attempt. Story of my life, anyway :-)
normzone, May 25 2005

       I can't help but think this would induce an unnecessary sense of paranoia in the poor fishies, which would probably prove to be a strain upon their digestion. Software developers have developed a simulation that accurately mimics the grouping/swarming behaviors of flocks of birds; perhaps similar routines could be written for the robotic waterfleet to follow without actually having to bother the local fauna.
Soterios, May 25 2005

       would each boat follow just one fish?
po, May 25 2005

       Fish in the wild school, and different species keep company. Acclimation overcomes initial responses.   

       Perhaps some more aggressive or shy breeds could not handle it - other's wouldn't care.
normzone, May 25 2005

       It's art, El.
Soterios, May 25 2005

       [po] Yes, they'll try to.
FarmerJohn, May 26 2005


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