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Cat-proof Aquarium Hood

No more worrying about the fishies...
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I don't really know what kind of demand there may be for this, but I'd sure as hell buy one if they were available...

Well, my problem is that my cat is utterly fascinated with my aquarium. This would not be a problem if she wouldn't insist on constantly jumping onto the hood and messing around with things. At the moment I'm using a combination of water gun technology and a primitive "throwing sh@+" Plan B. At the moment however, these ideas are not working.

So I propose a cat-proof aquarium hood, it's primary feature being a wedge shaped hood with a smooth, diagonal incline on the top as opposed to the normal flat design with rectangular light boxes. This way, any cat attempting to jump atop the aquariumIn would simply slide off, with no places to cling onto. In this, let's call it a CPAH for short, the lights and filter and/or air pump would be safely encased inside this wedge. The openings for feeding would be doors directly level with the shell, and perhaps you could purchase a model with an optional auto-feeder (for you lazy fish enthusiasts). However, relying solely on the wedge and gravity to protect your fish is probably not a good idea (when you have a cat as crafty as mine, at least). So this particular CPAH would also be equipped with pressure sensors that (when pressure was applied to certain areas for several seconds) would set off an alarming noise (perhaps loud dog barking, sirens, etc) to send any offending cat running for cover. These things, I believe, would eventually teach a cat that some things are best left alone (or at the very least keep your cat from causing harm to your aquatic pets or even to itself).

UglyPuppy, Jul 24 2003


       Many aquariums are available with locking lids.
Cedar Park, Jul 24 2003

       I was hoping for an aquarium-proof cat hood.
bristolz, Jul 24 2003

       Baked: you can get tented aquarium covers as well as flat ones.   

       (Our cat used to spend hours sitting on the tank watching our turtles, until we gave them away to a baby sitter. We never saw any harm in it.)
DrCurry, Jul 24 2003


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