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Agitating water filter

Stop water from going flat.
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As the water sits in the jug under the filter, it gradually loses its dissolved oxygen and ends up tasting flat and stale. This could be avoided by fitting a crank to the side of the jug which spins a water wheel inside the jug via gears in order to re-aerate the water.
nineteenthly, Nov 24 2007

Quick-Stir® Pitcher https://www.pampere...12064&words=pitcher
Same idea, but with a piston, not a wheel [phoenix, Nov 25 2007]

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       Isn't what is bubbling out CO2 and clorine? Wouldn't you need to resupply those and maybe some pressure to get them back in solution?
MisterQED, Nov 24 2007

       Why would you want to put chlorine back in?
lurch, Nov 24 2007

       I don't want to put chlorine back in, but i think you're probably right about the pressure. Maybe two internal cups sloshing the water between them or some kind of piston?
nineteenthly, Nov 24 2007

       I own something like this (link), except the agitator is a piston that moves up and down inside the pitcher, using a handle on the top. It's primarily for agitating drink mixes (Kool-aid, juice concentrate, etc), but would do a fine job of disolving a bit of oxygen in water.
phoenix, Nov 24 2007

       wonder if it would work for my fish...
pashute, Nov 25 2007


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