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Air Bus!

...And Leave the Driving, er, Flying, To Us...
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Terrorists like to hijack airplanes.

Terrorists steer clear of buses.

Buses are much more comfortable than airplanes (unless you want to pony up for First Class).

Stick wings on buses and voila! Next stop: Cucamonga!!

I may not have thought this through...

Grogster, Apr 11 2014


       actually buses are a key target for terrorists worldwide.
rcarty, Apr 11 2014

       Yeah that sentence about terrorists steering clear of buses is waaaaaaaayyy wrong.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2014

       Baked. See Delta airlines.
Spacecoyote, Apr 12 2014

       You might possibly do ground effect. No ones ever quantified the risk of multiple hits by greyhound buses about 15ft off the floor on tall buildings. Shocking lack of foresight.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 12 2014

       <here's GROG in a weak attempt to defend a hastily conceived & poorly conveyed half-baked idea sprouted in the dead of night>   

       BUT, BUT, BUT, WAIT!! Y'all do realize I'm intending to **FLY** these buses, right?   

       Put into the proper light, and seen from a different perspective, and under optimal [read that: Highly Unlikely] conditions, Greyhound buses are rather svelte and aerodynamic in a [boxy, Volvo-ish, screwing with the laws of aerodynamics] sort of way!   

       Aeronautics engineers, with the proper motivation (and no small quantity of tequila ingestion) might actually be able to pull it off! After being quizzed this morning about the idea, a red eyed test pilot confirmed, "...Um, yeah, sure; buses can fly. So can pigs. You mind turning that light down?..."   

       I haven't worked out the whole [flying at 35,000 feet thin air] issue quite yet, either. But hey, one problem at a time.
Grogster, Apr 12 2014

       Dammit Miss Frizzle!   


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