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combat terrorism

Surveillance Cameras in civil aeroplanes
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we have surveillance cameras in 7/11s so why not in aeroplanes to prevent 9/11s ? Doesn't prevent terrorism but at least we get to see the s.o.bs in action Cameras would beam to satellite and therefore could be used to record for jurisprudence or legal proceedings afterward.

On the other hand , a whole new breed of reality TV show - too horrible to contemplate.

arfbaked, Jun 20 2003

Baked http://www.startrib...s/1513/3933041.html
This idea has been much bandied about in the post-9/11 talkfest. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       Then we could watch drunk musicians and actors harrassing stewardesses on the evening news rather than hear about it while seeing a still photo.
Zimmy, Jun 20 2003


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