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Air Filter Indicator

Never let your air filter move up the food chain...
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I hate to change my house air filter but, I hate to change my air filter when it is caked in that nasty grey fuzz that seems to be looking back at me... This device is a simple device that will open up when the air filter is ready to be changed... When it opens it makes the I need to be changed sent fill your house... Now don't worry it comes in pleasant and unplesant smells (peppermint, peach, skunk, and of course fart)... When you or your guest smell that friendly change your air filter smell they will for sure remind you that your air filter needs to be changed...
forgeman, Dec 23 2004

Ah, here's what I was talking about. http://shop.store.y...home/whairfi30.html
Same sort of thing as this idea, different sensory indicator. [half, Dec 23 2004]


       //When it opens it makes the I need to be changed sent fill your house//   

       What?(??) This idea is very hard to read.(..) Also, why so many ellipses?(??)
contracts, Dec 23 2004

       There are filters in existence that have a special plastic piece in them. When the filter becomes clogged, the resistance to air flow through the filter increases. This increased resistance is closer to the resistance offered by the orifice in the aforementioned plastic piece. Air begins to flow through the hole in the plastic. It whistles.   

       It's annoying enough to be quite effective. They used to exist, anyway. I haven't seen one in a while.
half, Dec 23 2004


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