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Floor fan

Floors are cool, so with a wet rag you get cool air
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A fan that takes the air from near the floor, constantly wetting a rag on the floor surface. The air is pushed up in a vortex, out to all sides, or like in the new blowers being sold, directed to one location.

Heat is passed to the floor, which is usually cool.

Of course I'm talking about hot countries where rather than having wooden floors or rugs, we use tiles, mostly from stone, or from stone origin.

If the floor becomes "too warm", move the fan over to somewhere else.

See annotation for further explanation.

pashute, Aug 02 2010

tried it. - Failed :-( http://www.youtube....watch?v=m2ybWsiU3F0
[pashute, Aug 14 2013]

River as heat sink River_20as_20heat_20sink
[bungston, Aug 15 2013]

Hava & Adam Eco Farm Composting Toilets https://picasaweb.g...5090064172945600226
Something they don't talk about publicly, because you don't believe it till you need it. The black doors double as solar heat collectors and are aimed at the south, so they get the sun all year round and all day. [pashute, Aug 28 2013]

Side view compost toilets - Hava VeAdam eco-farm https://picasaweb.g...5090062927405084226
[pashute, Aug 28 2013]

... and the interior https://picasaweb.g...5090065933882191730
[pashute, Aug 28 2013]

... and no odor either https://picasaweb.g...5090063932427431618
People sitting nearby, surprised to learn that they are sitting near the public toilets. [pashute, Aug 28 2013]


       sry, what's the "wet rag" got to do with it ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 02 2010

       Evaporative cooling.
8th of 7, Aug 02 2010

       But the floor is cool.
rcarty, Aug 02 2010

       Not after the floor fan has sat on it for a while. In such a case, move the fan over to somewhere else.
swimswim, Aug 02 2010

       Ok so now it's a roomba heat-seeking-and -avoiding floor fan
rcarty, Aug 02 2010

       evaporative cooling assisted by using the floor and the water (wetness) as a heat sink, and the water also serves as a heat exchanger from the air to the floor, since the wet rag has more surface area to the air, while the water gathered at the floor is in full contact with it.
pashute, Aug 03 2010

       Aha. Now I see.   

       (smiles and nods, then wanders off to bar)
squeak, Aug 03 2010

       Tried it.   


       (sees link, smiles sadly, nods, and wanders off to bar)
pashute, Aug 14 2013

       You're starting with a reasonably good situation - a cool floor, which cools the air down where the people are and your feet, and some stratification, which keeps the hottest air up near the ceiling where the people aren't and reduces convective heat transfer. By blowing air around, you make it worse; and by trying to use evaporative cooling in a relatively contained air space you mainly just raise the humidity, which actually makes you feel hotter. Better just to sit on the floor.
spidermother, Aug 14 2013

       the floor is not cool, it simply feels cool to the touch because it is conductive to the heat in your hands.
WcW, Aug 14 2013

       Cool, of course, is a relative term. In this case, it's cooler than body temperature, and cooler than air temperature. It imparts coolth. Therefore it's cool.
spidermother, Aug 15 2013

       Obviously you haven't seen the vid in the link...
pashute, Aug 15 2013

       That picture at the end of grumpy pashute is pretty great.   

       I think the problem is one of surface area. The moving air contacts the floor under the fan only briefly. Plus there is no room for the floor fan in there.   

       I will link up my dockside cooler scheme. I do not see any handy docks in your yard so instead you could dig a deep hole and fill with water.
bungston, Aug 15 2013

       I was window shopping for waterfront properties in Canada and as I was only window shopping I had no budget limitations. Found a nice one floored in stone with flecks of real gold in it. That was cool.
AusCan531, Aug 16 2013

       Assuming that properties in Israel have chimneys, wouldn't it be an idea to smart a small wood fire some distance up the chimney, then you'd have a carbon neutral draught?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 16 2013

       That fire at some distance up the chimney is a neat idea. I have never seen that or thought of it. Have you seen that done, not_morrison?
bungston, Aug 17 2013

       The only chimneys in Israel are at the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital for burning medical waste, - reaches from the Bet Hakerem valley all the way up to the houses on the adjacent hillside in Bayit Vagan and releases the smoke directly into their windows. And there are the Rabin Coal Electric Power Station smoke stacks on the (once beautiful) coast of Hadera, in Memory of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin who was a heavy smoker.
pashute, Aug 18 2013

       Solar chimney- Aim a focusing reflector at a dark colored pipe that vents the room below. Make sure the pipe is tall enough that the heat only travels upward. Net effect, less sun on the roof, more draught.
MechE, Aug 18 2013

       Is more draft / draught desirable? It will only help if the air entering the house is relatively cool, e.g. at night or with a cooling tunnel at the inlet.   

       I've read an opinion (with which I agree) that roofs should be like umbrellas (providing shade) in hot conditions, and like beanies (restricting flow and with bulk insulation) in cold conditions. I would add that houses should be like cellars (airtight walls and floor, but with the ability to vent air that is hotter than ambient) in hot conditions, and like igloos (airtight walls and ceiling) in cold conditions.
spidermother, Aug 19 2013

       /Aim a focusing reflector at a dark colored pipe/ I envision the pipe at the center of a mirrored dish.
bungston, Aug 19 2013

       Meche's idea (which is NOT this proposed idea) works actually pretty well in the bathrooms at the Hava & Adam eco-farm see images in links.   

       The black doors actually cause the compost to constantly reach 70 C even in the winter. The chimneys have an audible draft going through them.   

       These eco-toilets are extremely comfortable and aesthetic, causing almost all the people I know who saw them to change their minds about compost toilets.
pashute, Aug 28 2013


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