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Flat Fan

The blades aren’t angled.
  [vote for,

This product exudes all the ambiance of ordinary fans but has none of their disadvantages. Its movement and low hum means you feel cool and refreshed (dare one say ”placebo”?) while being quieter, using less energy and causing no drafts. Chill out with models ranging from flat desk fans to oscillating, flat ceiling fans.
FarmerJohn, Aug 09 2004


       //...has none of their disadvantages//

Or advantages.
hippo, Aug 09 2004

       Blades need to be angled, so as to provide thrust, otherwise, when the shit hits the fan, it'll just go sideways.
thumbwax, Aug 09 2004

       Or thin little chips, for that matter.
destructionism, Aug 09 2004

       I voted + because this is a cool idea.
Jinbish, Aug 09 2004

       Crazy pills: yep--this site'll do that to you. (A center for ants?) bwv: what???
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 09 2004

       Great! I can't even vote on this one, or I would upset the lack of angle!
lurch, Aug 09 2004

       [contracts] This fan does have a function. It doesn't cool but is.
Cool, that is.

       It has über-stylish Ikea-type design written all over it.
I wonder where [FJ] comes from...
Jinbish, Aug 09 2004

       strangely enough, Jin, it will probably have a name like - Nej Bris.
po, Aug 09 2004

       IKEA is not uber stylish. IKEA is cheap-o della crappo.
phundug, Aug 09 2004

       [po]: Yup. But I can't really comment because the user names of many HB people (mine included) could be IKEA furniture names.   

       Fair enough [phundug]- some/most/all IKEA stuff can be cheap and nasty. But the airy design that they try and sell is what I am meaning. Kind of futuristic, yet made out of 5p of recycled plastic - and thats just the double bed.
Jinbish, Aug 10 2004

       I swear I saw an angle-poise lamp called po
po, Aug 10 2004

       [FJ], it would need little strips of paper which are held out by wires, and shaken, to complete the effect.
Ling, Aug 10 2004

       <obligatory title misreading> "Fat Flan"! - Mmmmmm! </obligatory title misreading>
hippo, Aug 10 2004

       I love the 'Rick's Cafe' feeling that ceiling fans give out, but I live in England which is somewhat cooler than Casablanca for twelve or so months of the year. As I don't like being cold, it looks like [FJ] has found the solution for me.   

       Speaking of cool, is [hippo] a hip version of [po]?
wagster, Aug 10 2004

       [Ling] Nice touch :)
I'm sure the paper strips on ceiling vents are actually wire-shaken.
phundug, Aug 10 2004

       Somebody tell me - would this still effect my voice so that it sounds cool when I put my face really close to the fan and talk?
Ichthus, Aug 10 2004

Worldgineer, Aug 10 2004

       Thanks World - I knew I could count on somebody.   

       I've always relied on the kindness of 'bakers...(+)
Ichthus, Aug 10 2004

       Brünnhilde approves the Zen fan.
RayfordSteele, Aug 10 2004

       [wagster] Yup.
hippo, Aug 11 2004

po, Aug 11 2004

hippo, Aug 11 2004

       [contracts] I dunno this could be a *cool* way to slice cheese.
skinflaps, Aug 11 2004

       people waste energy on decoration all the time, why not a decorative fan? i personally like my air standing still. you could also make it solar powered, so buying it was a waste but using it isnt
gnaeuspompeiusmagnus, Aug 12 2004

       Nearly baked. I have a not-inexpensive Hunter brand ceiling fan that was billed as being very quiet. To achieve the advertised level of quietness, it employs a simple engineering trick. It moves practically no air. It can be yours at a reasonably low price.
half, Aug 12 2004

       Paint the blades black and white, and you get a tiny draft caused by the difference of color, and photons pushing forward.
pashute, Aug 02 2010


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