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Air Hair Spindle (After pet cleaner)

Cleans air (and floor) from pet hair and spins it into thread
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I'm not sure how to shape this thing exactly in 3d, but basically it pulls the air and hair through a vortex (as far as I can imagine, no water this time) and then (or immediately with no two stages) spins the hair that was caught into a thread, which is automatically wound up, so that you wind up with nice and useful thread.

Wash the the thread with organic bio-degradable washing machine soap and you can even sell it.

And if you have a few pets, or a spotted pet, you'll get a colorful thread.

pashute, Aug 19 2011


       +1 knit into my cat coloured trousers!
po, Aug 19 2011

       Not good for people with allergies, but I don't have pet allergies, so [+].
I do have a handsome, shiny black cat and last year bought a fake fur coat that I call my *cat coat*!
xandram, Aug 19 2011

       Most pet hair will not spin well. Cat and straight haired dog are to smooth, and do not make a good thread. It is possible, but as a rule anyone spinning pet hair mixes in a percentage of wool or similar fiber.   

       Also you would need to separate out the guard hairs, as they will make for uncomfortable thread/yarn.   

       (finally winded should be wound)
MechE, Aug 19 2011

       All suggestions accepted except separation - too complex. This is about a simple low cost device.
pashute, Aug 20 2011

       A dog bathing and barber site, might collect enough hair to make pads or dog mattress filler.   

       But Thread that smells like wet dog just won't sell easily.
popbottle, Dec 14 2016

       //(finally winded should be wound)//   

       At first I minded MechE's correction then I realized it wasn't aimed at me so I should not have mound.
AusCan531, Dec 14 2016


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