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Bag Sealing Bin

Rubbish bin that automatically closes bin bags
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Put bag in empty bin. Put rubbish in bin. Pull lever. Bin closes top of bag and seals it (with tie/twist/knot/heat). Remove newly-sealed bag from bin and place at kerbside.
pottedstu, Sep 20 2001


       Mothercare do a nappy (diaper to you colonials) bin that works on this principle. You seem to end up with a long string of plastic skined, soiled nappy sausages at the end though.
dare99, Sep 21 2001

       They better be strong bags. If you lift the newly-sealed bag from the bin & said bag breaks you are back at square one with probably some colourful language.   

       I'm giving it a croissant anyways...anything to make the garbage/rubbish removal process more efficient is ok with me.
bluerowan, Sep 21 2001

       Equal parts toxic waste and Velcro.
angel, Sep 21 2001


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