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Bimetal Self Cleaning Gutters

Rain Gutters that clean themselves
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Rain Gutters made using bimetalic construction(see anotation at right by[ato_de] for detail) which in a normal resting state form a gentle semicircular cross section. When a small current is attached to the upper layer the gutters will flatten out(being firmly attached to the house they will straighten out to form a ramp)allowing for debris to slide off the gutter surface which is coated with flexible non stick surface. A hose could be used to aid in this cleaning.

Supports would be affixed on longer sections to provide stability. These struts would release when the current is applied to allow movement and would lock in when not in use.

System could be set up for manual acctuation or it could be semi intelligent in which it would briefly activate the system during a heavy rain storm or at night(ideally both) to allow a regular nature assisted cleaning that would eliminate large volumes of debris from building up. Endcap fittings would provide connection points for downspouts.

jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2006

Gutters gutters
Another gutter related idea with no relation to this one. [bungston, Mar 17 2006]

demo http://demoroom.phy.../html/demos/37.html
[jhomrighaus, Mar 17 2006]


       a series of lengthwise corrugations in the lower part of the gutter could serve 2 purposes, first it should counteract the lengthwise flex, second it could act as a cooling channel to allow air or water to e pumped through to cool the gutter. I think though that with the correct choice of metals the effects of sunlight could be minimized and even if the gutters tended to flatten out a bit on a bright sunny day that shouldnt be a big problem as that is not when you really need them.
jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2006

       Would anyone care to share their thoughts on why they dont like this idea.
jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2006

       ??????????! Im sorry [phlish] I really fail to grasp the relationship you are refering to. The gutter helmet system is a fixed cap over an existing gutter that works using surface tension of water(which only is useful at low flow rates). My idea has almost nothing in common with that system except that it has something to do with draining water off of roofs. I just dont agree that it is in any way related to a system that changes from gutter to flat ramp temporarily to empty debris then returns to its original shape which is highly effective at removing water.   

       Could you please help me understand, point by point how this idea violates the "rules" as you stated. Thanks
jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2006

       [phlish] disimilar metals when connected to each other flat to flat and heated will expand at different rates and tend to bow in one direction. this simple principle is used most often in temperature sensing devices. [jhomrighaus] has applied this principle to a gutter system. The principle is sound, the execution is at least acceptable and the concept is entirely halfbaked. It resembles the Gutter Helmut not at all. Have a flakey bimetallic pastry.
ato_de, Mar 16 2006

       Um OK first, the non stick coating is a minor detail that only aids in the performance of the system it is totaly incidental and does not change the idea in any way.   

       The idea here is that the gutter when looked at in cross section changes shape from an open topped semi-circle to (with energy application)a flat panel angled at 45 degrees down from a common corner point.   

       From this shape   


       to this shape   


       and then back again.   

       Does this help explain the idea at all.   

       Thanks [ato_de] I really should have explained that I think.
jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2006

       +1 - no badgers hurt or punched...   

       they could be useful though
po, Mar 16 2006

       Bagsies on Peristaltic Gutters! I'll post and explain later when this has died down.   

DesertFox, Mar 16 2006

       Croissant from me too. This is almost nothing like the gutter helmet.
DrCurry, Mar 16 2006

       This is very good and may not need electricity at all. As long as the gutters are not able to contract past the *U* shape they could clean themselves whenever the sun shines.   

       I like this idea. I would especially like it if there was some built in resistance to the shape change. This as one of the bimetals heated, pressure would build, but the shape would not change. When the pressure became great enough, the configuration change would happen suddenly. The stored force would be enough to hurl materials out of the gutter.   

       /even if the gutters tended to flatten out a bit on a bright sunny day / that actually is a benefit in and of itself! Just as [2fries] points out, gutters which became Ushaped only when cooled (by water) would not accumulate dry leaves. These gutters would stay flat and clean on warm days. In the winter, if your gutter clogged with ice, you could apply the current: the heating of the metal would loosen the ice, and the shape change would chuck it out.   

       Yah yah self cleaning gutters!
bungston, Mar 17 2006

       its really my fault I should have found a better way to explain it.
jhomrighaus, Mar 17 2006

       You may express your gratitude in two ways. First: Change your name to something easier to spell. Second: scroll through my ideas and hand out some buns, by my count you owe me 7. ;P
ato_de, Mar 17 2006

       I checked your account just now, [ato_de], and found that "sibling human" quote there very, very funny.
bungston, Mar 17 2006

       //curly roof-art// - That's almost an idea in itself.
wagster, Mar 17 2006

       This Idea was inspired by the discussion   

       Inparticular [bungston] and [2 fries shy of a happy meal] deserve credit for the general concept. I just wanted to formalize the idea in its own forum as it is a better use of my overall idea.   

       Instead of being curved all the time these gutters would lay flat against the side of the roof kind of like an extended drip rail. When rain is sensed by the management system the gutters would roll up(see link for technology discussion) into position and do their job and then return to their starting position. When the outside temperature is below freezing the gutters would not operate which would eliminate ice dams common in the northern regions of the world.   

       With the default position of flat and vertical there would be no buildup of debris thus eliminating the bane of homeowners the world over.   

       With no moving parts and simple installation this system would be an easy retrofit to most homes and be virtually indestructable. Flexible coatings could be dyed to match existing paint colors.
jhomrighaus, Mar 17 2006


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