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Air Tankers

Tankers used for energy storage.
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Transport excess energy from inhospitable areas (windy,wavy,potentially volcanic,boring,etc...) via pressurized air.
simplynow, Dec 04 2003


       Excellent idea. You could get the same effect for less money by hiring ten retired polititians to blab into a tank and convert that Waste Heat Energy into electricity. You could get more blab for the buck if you painted an audience and a camera inside the tank. You could turn this into a perpetual energy machine if you divided the ten into two groups of five and convinced each group they had to filibuster against the other.
ZomGlo, Feb 07 2004

       An interesting idea, but after the cost of storing and transporting the air tanks, the hazards of doing so, and the energy lost by converting generated heat into pressurized air and back, it just may not make economical sense.   

       However, it would be a solution to the "not in my back yard" problem
eahenle, May 22 2006


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