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High Capacity Ultralight Gas Cans

Extra lightweight low cost high capacity gas or air storage
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Replace the heavy metal cansistors for fuel gas, or for pneumatic air power, with lightweight enforced bottles.

Develop low cost tanks for scuba diving as well as for hellium, for pneumatic cars, for butane home storage or for hydrogen cars.

Since there are plastic chords which can hold tension exceeding tons, it is probably possible to make some kind of low weight high tension resistant fabric with a thin metal layer inside so that the gas cannot escape.

Perhaps even some kind of "wiring" would help in compressing the gas, by "tightening" the container! So you would also get space saving, when empty.

pashute, Dec 03 2008

Fiberglass (GRP) cannister http://www.buytikit...es-accessories/lc20
Baked [miasere, Dec 03 2008]


       Baked in GRP   

       Incidently, for scuba you want the tank to be heavy as any weight it has when empty is taken off your weight belt. If a scuba tank if 12l and weighs 3kg when it is empty you would need 9kg to keep it underwater. As at the moment I dive with 9kg with a 12l tank that weighs 13kg, I would need 19kg on my waist. Ill stick to the heavy tank.
miasere, Dec 03 2008

       I used to build pressure vessels. Putting something under a lot of hoop stress is all fine, until that person walks into a corner and punctures the weave. Explosive   

       They do make kevlar and carbon fiber pressure vessels, although I believe high strength metal alloys are still better due to their elastic modulus
metarinka, Mar 11 2011


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