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Air/gas pressure intensifier.

Use hydraulic ram to amplify air/gas pressure.
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I am after an air/gas pressure intensifer, these can be bought but are expensive. Basically, it amplifies a gas pressure at a set ratio. i.e. 8 bar air pressure in, 20:1 ratio 160 bar out. I want to build one and was thinking of using a hydraulic ram, but instead of hydraulic oil pressure moving the ram, drive the ram to create [air] pressure in the cylinder, thus boosting the inlet pressure. This would be achieved using non-return valves on the rams port.

Would this be possible and can a ram with air instead of oil be moved back and forth quick enough to a usable speed.

Gregsy, Apr 20 2008


       What volume of high pressure gas are you looking for? Is this a kind of gas version of a electric motor generator?   

       My second question is what pressure are you looking for? Watch out when mixing high pressures with oil as dieseling could occur.
MisterQED, Apr 20 2008

       This made no sense after "but instead of pressure moving the ram..."
ldischler, Apr 20 2008

       Are you talking about a piston supercharger? A rotary supercharger e.g. roots would no doubt be more efficient for the sort of volumes required.
Texticle, Apr 20 2008

       MisterQED, I would be looking to fill a 10l diving bottle. NOT for breathing though. The bottle I have is for 300bar so a bit less than that would suffice. I would like to use the high pressure air for use in a vortex tube for a chiller or just through an injector at the intake of a cars engine (or directly on the intercooler).   

       ldischler, I meant hydraulic oil pressure moving the ram (which is normaly how it is used). The assembly would be used in reverse (ram movement creating pressure in the cylinder instead of cylinder pressure moving the ram).
Gregsy, Apr 21 2008

       Texticle, I don't need high volumes fast. Its just for charging a diving bottle (not for breathing). But I wouldn't want it taking a week to charge a 300 bar bottle.
Gregsy, Apr 21 2008

       i'm not sure what you mean by hydraulic ram. Do you want to build a compressor? What I think of as hydraulic ram effect is the momentum of fluid moving in a pipe. If one end of the pipe is covered, stopping the flow of fluid,the momentum of the fluid causes pressure. I don't know how this relates to what you're talking about.   

       I think it'd probably be easier to just buy a cheap one-- try ebay??
sninctown, Apr 21 2008

       Why not just make a large (3 cubic metres should do it, maybe a little larger to allow for leaks) steel tube, and whack a big piston down it?
Something like the Iraqi supergun - 80cm calibre, so you'd need a section about 6m long. There's a section at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford .
coprocephalous, Apr 21 2008

       [marked-for-deletion] not an invention, but a diy help question.
notexactly, Apr 19 2018


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