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garage door opener signal co-receiver

triggers another device when you open the door from your car
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when i am at home enjoying my time with hookers and blow, i am always worried about my girlfriend coming home. but as she approaces our detached garage and hits her little transmitter button to open the garage door, this device would receive the same signal and discretely let me know of her arrival.

this prevents her from surprising me like usual.

i suppose the device could be hooked up to lamps, coffee makers, thermostats, anything you'd like to have started a few minutes before you actually walk in the door.

changokun, Apr 08 2005


       So it's another receiver like the one that works your garage door. I'd called that 'widely known to exist', seeing as you already have one attached to your garage door.
angel, Apr 08 2005

       Actually, the separate receivers that switch a single outle are available. I have a Genie brand one. Responds to the reg'lar ol' door opener remote. Could be set to the same code as the garage door opener.
half, Apr 08 2005

       But then she'd never catch you, and you'd never have that sweet make-up sex. Sounds fishy.
daseva, Apr 08 2005

       does it deflate this blow-up doll thingy?
po, Apr 08 2005

       Alternatively, use an outlet adapter that screws into the courtesy light socket on the garage door opener itself. From that, run an extension cord inside to a radio or something that makes noise when supplied with power.
bristolz, Apr 08 2005

       Sit a baby monitor on top of the GDO. When it opens, you'll hear the rumbling loud and clear in the receiver.
Freefall, Apr 08 2005

       Or get a "pimp my alarm for when I'm blowin lines off hookers' tits and my bitch shows up way too early from hookin' herself" assembly from, well, this next post...
daseva, Apr 08 2005


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