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Garage Mirage

"My neighbor across the street he bought himself a Viper, funny thing is I never seen him drive it."
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If you always wanted a garage like the ones in the magazines with the Ferrari next to a classic hot rod sitting in a sparkling clean garage, this product is for you. It is a full garage-width photoprint screen of a state of the art garage that you simply roll down like a shade. Breathable screen lets in air and gives illusion of a car collector's dream garage while keeping the dust and neighbors' eyes off of your 86 Nissan Pulsar perpetual project car and your brother-in-laws' one wheeled Triumph motorcycle leaning against the bumper pool table. Do whatever it is you do in your garage- you can see them, but they can't see you or your mess of a garage. Choice of car images and garage furnishings for standard garage widths.
wombat, Sep 02 2003

you got one of these, Ninja? http://www.areh.de/Galery/1778.jpg
[po, Oct 04 2004]

Second image down http://www.wind-dri....com/mc/chopper.php
[normzone, Nov 18 2010]


       Maybe you've never seen him drive it because he already baked this idea.
DeathNinja, Sep 03 2003

       Uh, that is the neighbor talking.
wombat, Sep 03 2003

       Then put out different designs ... like an internal-view of human intestins or a hellish-demonic theme (for halloween?) ... or a racecar pit crew taking a rest next to a famous driver's car ... that would be sweet!
Letsbuildafort, Sep 03 2003

       One night while brain jamming with friends I concocted a similar idea, only in reverse. Noting that in certain suburbs here in the USA, the ones with the same styled houses for as far as the eye can see. All have garages that are in front of the houses. Many people have their garage doors open so other neighbors can see the accumulation of consumer junk they possess. A status symbol of sorts. If you don't have mountains of crap filling your garage you gotta be a loser!   

       So my idea was to have a giant photo the width and height of the garage door. The image being of a totally jam- packed interior. An old car, a restoration project car, sporting equipment,lawn furniture, tools,an ATV,etc.   

       With this faux 'stuffed garage' image in place, a person could use the empty 'real' garage interior for an extra bedroom, den or something else. Your status with your neighbors remains intact.
Cosmo, Sep 04 2003

       // If you don't have mountains of crap filling your garage you gotta be a loser //   

       I'm the only person on my block who can fit both cars in his frigging garage...
DeathNinja, Sep 04 2003

       are they matchbox cars?
po, Sep 04 2003

       Yes, but I had them custom built to 20x their normal size.
DeathNinja, Sep 04 2003

       I just had this idea! I was going to call it "Ceci n'est pas un Passat".   

       Bun for getting in, uh, seven years ahead of me. [+]
gisho, Nov 18 2010

       {Hey! I used to drive a Nissan Pulsar!}

Just to say you'd want at least two screens which you could alternate. They'd show the same cars, but parked differently (e.g. swapped around or facing out/in, etc.)
hippo, Nov 18 2010

       Could be reversed as an anti-theft measure. Keep your fancy cars and other desirable stuff behind a picture showing a rusting wreck on blocks, used shooting targets, large dog kennels etc.
spidermother, Nov 18 2010

       Those with alternate ideas in English pronunciation might allow for an idea wherin two people are joined in matrimony within the bounds of a building designed to store motor vehicles. Yes, that's right, a Garage Marriage.
zen_tom, Nov 18 2010

       an outbuilding used to store the horse-drawn vehicle used for transportation from fancy nuptials.
FlyingToaster, Nov 18 2010

       ...in which you inappropriately touch people ("frottage marriage carriage garage")
hippo, Nov 18 2010

       or think about it fondly anyways (dotage....)
FlyingToaster, Nov 18 2010

       ... Involving (UK) gaol inmates. (Carriage-storage garage porridge marriage. Sorry, frottage and dotage didn't pass my benchmark).
spidermother, Nov 20 2010

       What wattage lights frottage in a cottage?
pocmloc, Nov 20 2010


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