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Airbags, pods for buildings

You want to escape from a building in a hurry - use a pod.
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You want to escape from a building in a hurry. The elevators are not working and the stairs are blocked. If you jump with a parachute you have a problem with other buildings – your parachute can collide with them so collapsing the parachute. If you use a rope then you might have to pass though a fire on the way down. Enter escape pod an egg like pod with a tight seat belt. Once tightly strapped in, the pod ejects towards the designated landing area (pod activation causes a number of automatic alarms, warnings, flashing lights in the landing zone so no one is underneath). This time if the pod is blown by a wind on to another building then it bounces off no problem. When the pod ‘lands’ it bounces it could even have another pod beneath it. Once you have an ‘airbag-mediated touchdown’ (NASAs term not mine) the pod cracks open and the pod occupant escapes.

Must for all tall Office Blocks.

inventorist, Apr 16 2007




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