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Rubik Cube Office Building

An end to the monotony of the office cubicles
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I inhabit the 3rd cube in the 2nd hall on the 3rd floor of my office bldg. Its pretty boring going to the same floor, and the same cube everyday. How about a building based on the idea of Rubik's Cube. I would like each cube/office to be of the same dimensions and the whole building can be thought of a stack (in 3D) of these cubes/offices. Every day the rooms would be made to change positions in a random order. On second thoughts, maybe there could be a reward system built around the position of the cube. People who work harder and outshine others would always stay on the periphery (that mean cubes with a VIEW !!!!) while the sloths will remain in the darkness of the inner areas.

A minor problem with the system is that every time you come to work, you wouldnt know where to go. But that can be easily fixed by a putting large LCD screen at the reception (that would be fixed !!) that would tell you your current office location.

zxc, Sep 01 2002

Curry's Cubicles http://www.halfbake.../Cubicle_20Elevator
also my anno on Rubik's Cube building [FarmerJohn, Sep 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Rubik's Home http://www.halfbake..._27s_20cube_20house
Maybe someone should formulate a Rubik's Town to hold all these buildings... [DrCurry, Sep 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Sounds too much like this for my liking. http://us.imdb.com/Title?0123755
Damned creepy film, but damned good. No, I don't think I fancy a workplace run along those lines. [Guy Fox, Sep 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       //A minor problem with the system is that every time you come to work, you wouldnt know where to go.//
Not to mention the fact that the contents of the office would be scattered everywhere
thumbwax, Sep 01 2002

       Seems a bit redundant to the halfbaked link.
FarmerJohn, Sep 01 2002

       Not really thumb. The whole office moves and so do the contents of the office.
zxc, Sep 01 2002

       please, any excuse for not being at the office tomorrow, please....... I am a red, I do not belong with all these orange strangers.....
po, Sep 01 2002

       I checked Curry's post but my idea is different from his. He wants the cubes to be moving all the time, so instead of you moving, lets say to exit the building, the cube moves to the front of the office. Nice idea but several problems as a lot of others have annotated. In my case, the cubes are not moving moment to moment just because some one needs to go to the bathroom. BTW I had not seen Curry's post earlier.
zxc, Sep 01 2002

       //The whole office moves and so do the contents of the office.//
My point exactly. If you turn one of the sides, then 9 offices just got turned 90°
thumbwax, Sep 01 2002

       Thumb, I see your point. But we can get over this by not allowing the rooms to rotate about their own axis vertically.
zxc, Sep 02 2002

       Hot desking anyone? I swap my position in the office now and again just for the change of view.
namaste, Sep 02 2002


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