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Aircraft Propeller Kill Zone Sentry Airsoft Gun

So keep people who really aren't paying attention from walking into props.
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Noting the comments on my last idea, lighted propellers, it seems that most of these accidents happen because people are either walking backwards and can't hear, or generally paying no attention.

So, affix a motion sensing "sentry gun" on propeller aircraft, so that their field of view spans the "kill zone" where somebody may walk into the whirling death blade. Now, when they walk near it they will be pelted by a stream of impossible-to-ignore, mostly harmless BBs.

If you're confused the link will help.

DIYMatt, Aug 30 2010

Motion Sensing Airsoft Gun http://unconvention...airsoft-gun-turret/
You can apparently make this yourself. [DIYMatt, Aug 30 2010]


       // sucked into the air intake //   

       Only a problem with turboprop aircraft.   

       However, this would still pose a major FOD (foreign object debris) hazard to the other aircraft operating on the same airfield.
Alx_xlA, Aug 30 2010

       // generally paying no attention //   

       If you are on an active apron, then "generally paying no attention" is not a state of mind that encourages survival. On the contrary, constant and careful attention to objects in your immediate environment is an essential condition of remaining alive.   

       The ONLY reason for keeping the "careless and inatentive" out of the path of rotating propellers is the potential damage that can be inflicted on the aircraft.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2010

       I wasn't advocating in that other anno. If you are looking in the right direction a spinning prop is pretty hard to miss as it is loud, moving a lot of air and attached to the front side of a plane.
WcW, Sep 01 2010


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