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Airplane Roller Coaster Takeoff

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Since a great deal of fuel is used in taking off... oh, who am I kidding? I don't give a rats ass how much fuel they use.

I'll start over:

Have everyone pile into the airplane and strap themselves in. Have the flight attendant point out the exits and remind passengers that, in the event of a theme park landing, nitrous oxide face masks will drop out of the overhead compartment.

Allow the airplane to get going on the ride. After four or five harrowing minutes, when the airplane reaches its highest point on the roller coaster track and starts its inevitable plunge toward earth, kick in the afterburners and take off on the next upswing. Next Stop: Albuquerque.

Stage another airplane on the ride.

Grogster, Aug 15 2011


       Yay! I get to ride first.   


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