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Swing Sledding

Combining the fun of swinging and sledding with the danger of temporary unpowered flight.
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Both swinging and sledding are favored outdoor activities. They are exhilarating due to the downward momentum generated by the pull of gravity. It would be an improvement to launch downhill sleds from swing sets at the appropriate point in the arc of the swing.
rcarty, Nov 15 2012


       Ah. I was thinking (hoping?) this entailed changing sledding partners midslope.
DrCurry, Nov 15 2012

       This would benefit from an appropriately shaped hillside, but it would be worth it. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 15 2012

       Now I'm thinking about an appropriately shaped hillside with a ramp, that moves into and out of the path of the swinging person. When the swinger is at the highest point of his backwards arc the curved hillside moves up and the swinger becomes a sledder and slides down until reaching the bottom until hitting a ramp, and becoming airborn, only to reach the limits of his swing's chain. The process repeats itself. The easiest way would be to position the swingset midway up a perfect hil, and the swingset moves up and down in time on large cams or the swinger on variable length chains.
rcarty, Nov 15 2012

       Now THAT'S a proper Halfbakery approach...
normzone, Nov 16 2012

       halfbakery provides a good setting for certain types of things to occur. However, I find that describing even simple mechanical ideas becomes extremely convoluted and complex.
rcarty, Nov 16 2012


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