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Airplane Roof Rack

For small planes.
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A roof rack should be an option for small planes. I would like to be able to put my kayak on top of a cessna, so I could take it to a lake in a [better] state for the weekend. A rack directly over the wings would keep the center of gravity within limits, and I don't think the CD of a canoe/kayak/luggage pod would have too big an impact on aerodynamics.

Of course some regulations on weight and surface area would be required for safety.

DIYMatt, Mar 27 2010


       This seems unnecessarily complex. Why not simply put the Cessna and your kayak both in the hold of your main aircraft?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 27 2010

       You're right, putting the space shuttle on a 747 is the same as making a car-type roof rack for a Cessna.   

       EDIT: I just realized you might think I mean putting a Cessna on top of another plane. That is not the idea.
DIYMatt, Mar 27 2010

       I vaguely remember seeing a floatplane with a canoe strapped to the pontoon struts.   

       You might even improve the CT on some ultralights.
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2010

       You can take two kayaks , strap them to the bottom of the plane and land in the river, sit astride them on the aircraft and paddle.
Duckjuice, Mar 27 2010

       Or remove one for solo paddli... no maybe not.
wagster, Mar 27 2010

       Hmm. Should be just about do-able if the "load" is streamlined enough and carefully placed so as not to screw up the W&B. You'd be sacrificing either passenger capacity or range (i.e. fuel load) though.   

       A GRP kayak has a mass of about 25Kg. AVGAS has a density of about 0.7 so that's 35 litres, about an hour's flying for a 172-R with the Lycoming engine.   

       But you might still be putting the fin into a turbulent zone behind the payload. Could be awkward; a split tail boom would be better.   

       // Why not simply put the Cessna and your kayak both in the hold of your main aircraft? //   

       We wondered about that too. Would it not be simpler to get your staff to air-drop kayaks at a list of a few hundered likely locations, and then just pick the one you want on the day ?
8th of 7, Mar 27 2010


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