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chritsmas gifts delivery helicopter drone with up-side down rotor(s)

A drone for sub-deliveries from Mister Christmas-person's reindeer sleigh, high up in the skies,..
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I thought of a drone helicopter, that would fly down from the reindeer sleigh, well known phenomenon, with the individual christmas gifts, that would operate with a 'cargo belly', and rotors/gravitational devices, and switch between belly-opening down, pouring gifts into chimmeneys, and belly-opening pointing up, being poured christmas gift into itself, directly from the mothership/reindeer sleigh, skimming along, along the expectacious populus' habitat,.. :) So, the rotors would actually have to reverse, mid-air/gravitational field, instantaniously as the craft switches orientation,.

Just the logics of up-side down reversable rotor craft, I guess,.

sirau, Jun 10 2008

(?) view from the inside... http://www.marineco...w_images/Sleigh.jpg
[xandram, Jun 11 2008]


po, Jun 10 2008

       Makes me think of a helicopter that can land on the sea , invert ( the cabin would have to be indepent so how ) and then be a dynamic flight sub . Then you could deliver presents to all the deserving wildlife under the sea .
wjt, Jun 10 2008

       I don't think the anti-gravity version will get you very far, but the 'helicopter - that - flies - upside - down' might be more interesting. From a position of complete ignorance, I speculate that normal helicopters have the blades on top, not just because of the difficulty of landing otherwise, but also for reasons to do with not flipping over.   

       So, you might need a heavy weight on a retractable arm. When you needed the cargo to be above the blades, you would have to extend the arm below the blades (perhaps the blades could be mounted on a hollow shaft, and the arm could pass through the middle of this shaft).
pertinax, Jun 10 2008

       I would motion that the location of the helicopter blade on the craft matters very little, so long as there are in fact two. Without two blades, the whole vehicle will torque around, and fail to work.   

       This description leaves a bit to be desired though. I feel some editing for clarification is in order.   

       I would also humbly suggest that you go with a counter-rotating double stack of helicopter blades, so that you can get maximum thrust without taking up too much space. A sort of "Book drop" shelf on top of the device could then tilt the packages clear of the blades, and let them slide outward once at the bottom of the chimney.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 11 2008

       No concern about dropping the presents through the spinning blades? That'd be cool to watch, but it would suck for the kiddies.
Noexit, Jun 11 2008

       Xandam, that's a great link. I started chuckling to the tune of "Flight of the Valkyries."
ye_river_xiv, Jun 11 2008


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