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Alarm Candle with Smell and Noise

Candle makes noises and gives off smell when certain time reached
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The candle is made of slices of wax with one insertable material which causes the candle to start sputtering (possibly loudly) and giving out a pleasent/unpleasant smell.
pashute, Oct 18 2002

(???) Baked since there were kids, apparently... http://www.ernie.cu....net/clock.htm#FOUR
Alarm candles are anciently Baked. So, of course, are scented candles. Is the combination worth a mountain of words? Probably not. [DrCurry, Oct 21 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) Now, *this* is an invention http://www.msichica.../time_gallery9.html
An alarm clock that lights a candle. From the days when that was the only option. [DrCurry, Oct 21 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

You can't detect smells when asleep http://www.scienced...05/040518075747.htm
[AusCan531, Jul 23 2012]

Incense clocks http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Incense_clock
And you thought I was fibbing. [MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2012]


       You could put a pyrotechnic whistle cartridge into a slot in the side of the candle. when the wick burns down, the candle whistles loudly, and as a bonus there will be ite wonderful fragrance of gunpowder to enjoy ... loveley.   

       Croissant !
8th of 7, Oct 18 2002

       I've had these on a birthday cake. They whistle and sparkle and make heaploads of smoke and everyone in the house says "oh my, I think we should take this outside."
lazloquezos, Oct 18 2002

       This is superb. +   

       In Denmark they market candles by the length of time that they burn ("1 timer" = 1 hour and so on up to 8 timer) and they are pretty accurate, so it seems to me that this idea is possible.   

       Instead of sputtering perhaps something that emits a high pitched squeal or whistle, like that you sometimes hear in a campfire, might work. Maybe it could be a beads of much slower melting wax designed with holes in them so they whistle when the time is up.
bristolz, Oct 19 2002

       I want one thats sprays molten wax all over everything. *That* will get you up.
BinaryCookies, Oct 20 2002

       It isn't quite the same thing, but the sharper image sells an alarm clock with lights and aromatherapy. The light gradually gets brighter, as does the sound, and it has a resevoir for aroma therapy oils to stimulate your smell to wake you up also.
notme, Oct 21 2002

       Black Cat brand Whistling Taper Candle with Report
Mr Burns, Oct 21 2002

       [DrCurry]: That looks like a thing I saw at the Time Museum in Rockford. Wonder if they're identical.
supercat, Oct 21 2002

       Candle that smells like the house is burning to the ground? Would that also set off the smoke alarm? Thats the perfect get me up in the morning.............
theThinker, Mar 24 2003

       smell of coffee.
FlyingToaster, Jul 23 2012

       I don't believe that you can actually smell anything when you're asleep. [link]
AusCan531, Jul 23 2012

       a bit of snap, crackle and pop sounds simulating a coffee-machine when you forget to put the flask in.... followed by the smell of coffee.
FlyingToaster, Jul 23 2012

       Coffee scent can wake me.
normzone, Jul 23 2012

       The Japanese used incense clocks, which produced different smells as the time passed. <link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2012

       What about a candle that burns faster one side than the other, and leans over to pour hot wax drips until you wake?
Phrontistery, Jul 24 2012

       That's the Chinese version. Thanks Toaster for bringing up a 10 year old idea, that still hasn't emerged from halfstage.
pashute, Jul 24 2012


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