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Wood scent air freshener & alarm

Wake bright eyed & bushy tailed
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I dearly love the smell of fresh cut wood. Unfortunately, my house never smells like that unless something really annoying has happened.

That's gonna change. I am building an alarm clock with a motor and blade from a circular saw. A bracket holds a pine two-by-four vertically in the top of the clock; the alarm triggers the motor to start and the blade makes a single pass across the bottom of the board, just cutting off the width of the blade. This releases a fresh dose of the desired smell, along with enough sound to be generally successful in waking the deepest sleeper. As the blade returns to its parked position, the board drops down for the next morning's cut.

There is a plate to guard against groggy fumbling for the shut-off button...

lurch, Jul 10 2004


       Set the cut 1/4 inch deeper and use a 4x4 board, and you can have a fresh new coaster for your coffee every morning.   

       Or, alternatively, have your bed in the path of the saw, so that if you don't get up fast, you face "CONSEQUENCES".
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 10 2004


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