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Alarm clock

Personal Alarm clock
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I have a bad morning temper. Every morning my alarm clock is ringing. Waking me and my girlfriend. As of that moment I make my girlfriend live a hell, while she could have stayed in bed. But the alarm clock woke her up.

So... Make some kind of watch that has an vibrating alarm function or a small electric shock wake up mechanism. It will not wake up your partner wakes you up right a way. Sell it in pair (male and female in one box) I for sure will help to keep the peace

Emile The Netherlands

EmileB, Jul 19 2001


       Variation on a theme.
Earplug alarm clock; see above.
i.v. alarm clock; see above.
angel, Jul 19 2001

       (Edit) Nearly a duplicate of previous hb ideas mentioned in first anno, hence I had it mfe on grounds of redundancy (hence following commentary), but I take it back.
hello_c, May 29 2002

       Is age now grounds for deletion?
pottedstu, May 29 2002

       You wish. I'm among the oldest here.
angel, May 29 2002

       Yeah, I'd be prepared to retract that unless you can provide a link to an earlier duplicate.
phoenix, May 29 2002

       I meant me, personally, not my account.
angel, May 29 2002

       Actually, i think beauxeault is the oldest here. He's well past forty. I hope you don't mind me saying.
[ sctld ], Jun 05 2002

       b. 29 xii 57
neelandan, Jun 06 2002

       why a "small" eletric shock?
zeno, Dec 29 2004


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