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alarm lamp

An alarm clock that gently wakes you up with light
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Every day when I get up it's still dark, and it sucks since it still feels like the middle of the night. So, my idea is to have an alarm clock type thing incorporated into a lamp with a dimmer. You could set the lamp-alarm for maybe a half hour befoe you want to get up (say 630,) at which point it would turn on very, very dimly and slowly increase in brightness until the actual alarm part went off (at say 7.) That way you would be gently woken up and could relax and doze for a while until the alarm buzzer/radio went off.
Bert33, Dec 12 2000


       This way, you could wake up "bright" and early, get it?! Hahaha! I'm truly sorry...
Danzig626, Dec 13 2000

       <grumbles at websites that require you to register with them, then won't take your username...>
StarChaser, Mar 27 2001

       Is there a special award for successful baking, in splendid form, of an Halfbakery idea? Congrats, degoof, Master Halfbaker.
Dog Ed, Apr 20 2001

       I swear Bert33 and myself are not the same person, but I have thought of this exact same idea for years...eerie.....
Bert6322, Aug 19 2002

       If it wasn't in the year 2000, this idea is definitely baked now. I've seen lots of alarm clocks with gradually brightening lights. I believe Sharper Image sells a good one.
tchaikovsky, May 05 2004


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