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Alcohol Breathalyzer Equipped Smart Phone

Prevents drunk dialing.
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Got a call from a drunk buddy of mine the other day. I spend the whole time responding to his drunk rambling "Uh huh. Hmm. Ok. Great. I see." I can't stand drunks (especially when I'm one of them).

The idea is to install a link between already existing smart phone breathalyzers and the calling mechanism on your phone so when you say "Call Drrr Rrrrummmalkk thureee" the phone says "Your blood alcohol level is above that allowable to call that person. You may still call emergency services due to an alcohol related mishap if necessary."

doctorremulac3, Apr 10 2017


       Maybe the level of sozzledness can be inferred from the detailed data from the accelerometer, touchscreen etc rather than requiring specialist hardware?   

       I'm told that some old mainframe OSes would look at the precise timing of password entry in this kind of way.
Wrongfellow, Apr 10 2017

       "So Phil-- Why is that phone chained to your ankle?"   

       " I have to be drunk in order to use it, it is just too embarrassing to use sober."   

       " and this is going to prevent another DUI?"   

       "that's what the judge said"
popbottle, Apr 11 2017

       Oh yeah - DUI ... Dialing Under the Influence.
normzone, Apr 11 2017


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