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Alcoholic Water

Simple source of everybody's favorite intoxicating substance
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Cheap, simple, probably would taste like donkey doo. If you were really ambitious you could add all sorts of neat things to it. Caffine, nicotine, adrenaline (or does that have to be taken intraveously?) and what ever else you can think of. All with a refreshing lemon lime taste.
oooga, Nov 22 2000

Mike's Hard Lemonade
Baked again. This is a pretty popular one here in northeast ohio. [djhotsauce, Nov 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Vodka - Encyclopaedia Britannica http://www.britanni...00.html?query=vodka
... clear in colour and without definite aroma or taste ... can be made from a mash of the cheapest and most readily available raw materials ... Most producers purchase previously distilled and purified neutral spirits that are extremely high in alcohol content ... [it is] then reduced in strength with distilled water ... [macm, Nov 22 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This is called a "drink" on this planet.
jutta, Nov 22 2000

       See Link. This does in fact have a refreshing lemon taste. Now if you want to add nicotine or caffeine to your alcohol, that's your business, maybe some No-Doze for caffeine, but i don't know where you're going to get pure nicotine...
djhotsauce, Nov 22 2000


       Alcoholic water is called 'vodka'.
BigThor, Nov 25 2000

       There IS alcoholic water! its called DNA..I've seen it in Kash'n'Karry here in Gainesville, FL. And actually, 'vodka' is alcoholic potato juice.
dingo, Nov 25 2000

       Yeah, it's called Zima. If there's a more worthless drink out there, I'd like to know about it. What IS Zima, anyway? The favored drink among parochial schoolgirls, that's what.
rachele, Jan 20 2001

       There is also a product called Water Joe that is caffeinated water.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       Vodka isn't alcoholic potato juice - it *really is* alcoholic water. It can be made out of anything. See link.
macm, Feb 11 2001

       "Whisky"/"whiskey" comes from the Scottish Gaelic words "uisge beatha", meaning "water of life". "Uisge" means "water".
pottedstu, Nov 23 2001

       The Swedish national spirit is called Aquavit, which, believe it or not, also means "Water of Life".
Lemon, Nov 23 2001

       Uh... when you think about it anything that's less than 100 Proof is probably at least half water. Everything else is dissolved in it.
Madcat, Aug 27 2003

       Actually, this would probably go over pretty well with the low-carb, low-cal craziness going on in the USA. I hear ridiculous radio advertisements all the time now for lite beer claiming to have these attributes.
jivetalkinrobot, Aug 29 2003

       ok people... are we really suggesting adding caffeine AND nicotine to an already disgusting alcoholic water? i think it would taste like dirt. plus, think about the BAD side effects it would cause? I would rather stick to martinis. :)
val, May 09 2004

       When I was drinking, I usually had Irish Coffee. The combination of simulant and depressant seemed to let me choose which way to go...   

       ...you know it's a good Irish Coffee when you take one sip and break out into a sweat.
James Newton, May 09 2004


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