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mike's hard pink lemonade

Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade
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We all love the hard lemonade, but that disgusting yellow color is kind of gross. It reminds me of piss. Why not make Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade and let all of us ladies enjoy the color and the flavor? And why stop there? ... Mike's Hard Blue Raspberry Lemonade might work too.
LaLaLaLola, Aug 31 2001

UV Pink Lemonade Flavored Vodka http://www.thisnext...k-Lemonade-Flavored
Baked! [Aristotle, Mar 16 2010]

Mike's Hard Pink Lemonade http://en.wikipedia...s_Hard_Lemonade_Co.
One of a variety of flavors and colors for this malt-liquor based brand of beverages. [jurist, Mar 16 2010]


       the yellow color always reminds me of lemons, for some reason.   

       although, Mt. Dew reminds me of piss.
wiml, Aug 31 2001

       What? Ladies enjoy drinking urine less than gentlemen do? Does Mike's Hard Lemonade suggest that the brew is composed of Mike's own urine, and that men, rather than women, would prefer drink his urine? I don't get it...
snarfyguy, Aug 31 2001

       not at all snarfy, i'm just saying it looks gross and i'd rather not drink something that looks like piss.
LaLaLaLola, Aug 31 2001

       I've heard that in tests, men prefer items (i.e. medicines, cleaning products) that are pink over other colors, as they felt the product would work better. Don't know if that was true or not, but it seems feasible for some reason (would you use Pepto Bismol if it were blue? I don't think I would...). I'll be happy when I see Mike's Hard Chocolate Milk.
AfroAssault, Aug 31 2001

snarfyguy, Aug 31 2001

       What's 'hard lemonade'?
angel, Aug 31 2001

       angel: lemonade with some alcohol in it. A couple of brands of alcoholic lemonade (sold in beer-type glass bottles) have cropped up recently, at least around here (northwestern US).
wiml, Aug 31 2001

       Thank you. 'Alco-pop' in UK, but these are generally more grotesquely flavoured, and are also bizarrely coloured. They're intended to appeal to under-age drinkers.
angel, Aug 31 2001

       Bile col(u)rs Do have a way of repelling.
thumbwax, Aug 31 2001

       I'm pretty sure it's not lemonade with alcohol added, but is instead the lemony equivalent of hard cider. In the U.S., they've been engaging in a marketing campaign intended to suggest that it is not, in fact, a "chick drink." Hence no pink.
bookworm, Aug 31 2001

       But [thumwax]! These drinks are designed to appeal to people who are likely to vomit them up later anyway.
hippo, Aug 31 2001

       Or incredibly stupid people...the two commercials I've seen for it both involve someone being maimed, and rather than go to the hospital, they go for one of these.
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001

       has anyone else here seen those drinks, called rev. they got alcohol and caffeine, mixed with some kinda brazillian something-berry, all in one toxic bottle of goodness
sheekeebut, Sep 01 2001

       All I know about that is that if something is pink and drives women crazy, it's in a crib.
reensure, Sep 01 2001

       Are these drinks intended for people that can't figure out how to mix a rum & coke or a vodka & tonic?
td, Sep 02 2001

       I think they're intended for people who want to get wasted, but prefer the taste of soft drinks to alcoholic ones.   

       I'm rum & coke all the way meself,
-alx, Sep 02 2001

       AfroAssault: In `Hidden Persuaders` by Vance Packard, a test was described, whereby a washing powder was sold in three coloured boxes: yellow, blue, and a mixture of yellow and blue. They were offered to a bunch of housewives for comments, after use. Apparantly the detergent from the blue box was too mild, the yellow box was far too harsh on hands and clothes, and the last box was just the right mix of power and softness.
Pallex, Sep 04 2001

       //has anyone else here seen those drinks, called rev. they got alcohol and caffeine, mixed with some kinda brazillian something-berry, all in one toxic bottle of goodness// [sheekeebut], I think it's called Red over here in the UK. The Brazilian berry you're thinking of is called Guarana.
lewisgirl, Sep 04 2001

       just by sublime
manatee55, Nov 29 2002

       Only took about 8 years, and breast cancer awareness
punkdigerati, Mar 16 2010

       I make it as such because it pleases me to do so. Close your eyes whilst drinking it, or find another drink.
MikeD, Mar 16 2010

       It appears to have been baked since the idea appeared [see link].
Aristotle, Mar 16 2010


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