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Alien Ghosts

TV show about aliens that happen to be indistinguishable from common descriptions of ghosts
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See above for the main Idea. The show could present the viewpoint of humans attempting to understand, of the aliens attempting to understand, or of both.
Vernon, Apr 08 2015

Ghosts / Aliens http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Ghosts/Aliens
[xandram, Apr 08 2015]

The Whispers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3487410/
TV show in which unseen beings, with significant technical abilities, are involved. [Vernon, Jul 06 2015]


       You could have the ghost of Tim Alien talking across his back fence with snooty neighboring alien/ghost who you never quite get to see.
popbottle, Apr 08 2015

       Alien vs Exorcist
Dub, Apr 08 2015

       The power of Dsjkpol compels you!   

xenzag, Apr 08 2015

       I presume L. Ron Hubbard will make an apparitional appearance of some sort.
RayfordSteele, Apr 08 2015

       Ah, good old Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. Better known as Dick.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2015

       It should be a movie, from the alien point of view. They land on earth and make contact. Over the course of the movie, the humans encountered look and act weirder and weirder - I am thinking now of that Nicole Kidman movie (The Others?). Ultimately (Sixth Sense style) it becomes clear that the aliens have made contact with ghosts.
bungston, Apr 09 2015

       No, she really was in both.
bungston, Apr 11 2015

       Reminds me of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.   

       Alien ghosts.
TIB, Apr 12 2015

       Also the part where the guy thinks he is going on a date with a girl named Eileen but really his buddy has mispronounced Alien, and the date involves a long session of experiments aboard the ship.   

       Then: should he call her (them?) back the next day? Sort of a scifi romantic comedy glossing over the cattle mutilations. Richard Dreyfus could cameo as the sage maintenance man, giving romantic and alien advice.
bungston, Jul 07 2015

       The aliens spend millenia trying to communicate with the (to them) trans-dimensional beings, but the best response they can get is "Look Uncle Ernest, where did you hide the dead fish; it's driving Penelope crazy !". Eventually they settle down to watching the soaps.
FlyingToaster, Jul 07 2015


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