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Fallout the series

If I had a 100 million dollar budget I would make this series, movie or tv. (because I am not sharp enouph to be fruegal)
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To totally understand what I am thinking of you would have had to play the game fallout I and maybe II. I know movies from games have had a bad track record. But I wouldn't do the same old thing.

If you all are thinking "Jericho" I would not go in that direction. I would differ on almost all aspects of idea's. most importantly is the series Jericho tries to be somewhat realistic, and it tries to sneak in "feel good" happy ending BS. Also it does not carry the idea of total nuclear destruction.

For those who haven't played the game fallout there a some themes that ring loud and clear, that I would like the series to follow. 1. Strong modern post-retro stylization, what I mean is what if the future looked more like the envisioned it would in the 50's and 60's. Then through in the idea of what if the cold war went hot, and everything that wasn't buried underground was annihilated from nuclear Armageddon. 2. Dark sardonic humor, I think can be be best illustrated by the following quote from it

"It's a peaceful village. Except for the plants possessed by evil spirits... and of course, the temple of trials filled with those deadly spear traps and the man-eating giant ants."

3. Mutations and characteristic of cult films ie: giant ants.

4. Wild west law system of outlaws and lawmakers in a liquid semi anarchistic environment. Of course instead of the six shooter and black hat, there will be chain guns, lasers and bio-mech power armor.

To give a better idea of how I would do it consider the following

1. action: think "Professional Killer" "gun smoke" "night of the living dead" mixed together 2. noir: think "Lost highway" 3. storyline: think "Gun smoke" "law and order" "lost in space" "scarface" mixed together

Some things that I would deviate from 1. most series follow one or a few characters along some storyline. In my series would have each episode stand on its own, It would change main characters and or the locations on each episode. Sometimes the main characters will be good guys, sometimes they will be bad guys. Sometimes the good guys will will, sometimes the bad guys will win. There would rarely be a happy ending. the endings would usually end in dark shades of gray.

The contuity of the story would be carried by the envoronment. You could think of the cities and villages as charactors that evolve as if they are the protagonists. Even though the show would follow a seemingly random storyline and charactors.

And another thing is, though the social political structure would be remeniscent of western flics. The thing I hate about those is during the action scene everybody misses. Its like those stupid coyboys don't know how to aim. In my series, everyone would be deadly accurate or die.

nustada, Nov 04 2006


       If you change fruegal to frugal and enouph to enough, I'll remove this annotation.
jmvw, Nov 04 2006

       Fruegal - wasn't he one of the Dutch Masters?
DrCurry, Nov 04 2006

       teh mnid wroks in amzaing wyas. wrods do nto ndee to be splet crroectyl fro smoeone to nderstand. slepling is a mderon cnsept taht is oevr epmahszied. biegn cirtcial on ttah, mneas yuo aer an ahselos.
nustada, Nov 04 2006

       Being critical of your spelling means I am an asshole?   

       Well thank you.
jmvw, Nov 04 2006

       [nustada], if that is the case then you will find that you are surrounded by assholes. Read the help file, over there on the left, under "meta".
normzone, Nov 05 2006

       //wrods do nto ndee to be splet crroectyl fro smoeone to nderstand// Maybe so, but it really helps.   

       I couldn't understand the first few paragraphs of this badly-written idea, and quit because of the poor spelling. I think it's something about making a movie from a particular video game, which is nothing new. I'd have left it and moved on without fishboning, but a defense of such bad spelling deserves insult. [-]
baconbrain, Nov 05 2006

       I don't object to the bad spelling as such, although others have the right to pick up on it should they choose. However, calling 'bakers "arseholes" is really not called for.   

       It is a characteristic of the HB, and online forums and lists in general, that gentle picking-up of spelling and grammar mistakes is often posted. This is not a personal insult, it is just part of the nature of text-based communications. Because there is no body lanaguage, no intonation and ideas are expressed completely using written language, poor spelling or grammar can greatly impede the effective communication of your idea. That's just the way it is, don't take it personally.   

       If you find spelling difficult or English is not your native language, I do understand but please realise that comments are made in a light-hearted way and fellow 'bakers are only trying to help.
webfishrune, Nov 07 2006

       //Fruegal - wasn't he one of the Dutch Masters?//   

       Nah, he's the little creepy guy from Lord of the Rings!
DesertFox, Nov 07 2006


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