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Alkalinity Acid % Decal on Food Products

Nutritionists recommend an 80% Alkaline, 20% Acid diet
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80% of the food displayed in grocery stores is Acid forming in the stomach; 20% displayed is Alkaline.

Just a two color round decal, showing the % or the pH of the food product would suffice. Another solution is to group the alkaline foods together.

My dental hygienist recently gave me her own list of high acid foods for anyone to rinse away after eating as they are conducive to plaque formation.

mensmaximus, Dec 27 2004

Using pH as a Measure of Digestive Physiology http://www.positive...lon%20Health/ph.htm
Describes the nature of various foods, especially their taste and pH before eating compared to their digested residues. [reensure, Dec 31 2004]

Acid - alkali balance and urine production http://www.shef.ac....ney/lec1/sld005.htm
Cell membrane polarization favors migration of charged particles. Similar electrostatic events occur in neurons. [reensure, Dec 31 2004]

Potassium Citrate Consumption http://tobaccodocum...liley_pm/25748.html
Alkaline Ash [reensure, Jan 03 2005]


       New to me: got a link for those nutritionists?
DrCurry, Dec 27 2004

       ACID bad.
Alkaline good.
gnomethang, Dec 28 2004

       There should be a blue million links to "Acid-ash" or "Alkaline-ash" diets. I know them to be a remedy for many gastrointestinal maladies and diet irregularities. This gets a bun, IMHO.
reensure, Dec 29 2004

       To sum up Reensure's latest link, digested proteins leave an ash behind in the body that can only be removed by drawing on the alkalinity in the body; somewhat like drawing on the charge built up in a storage battery. When this stored-up alkalinity is depleted, a person's health is compromised.   

       pH of the urine and saliva can be good indicators of the health of the digestive system as well.
mensmaximus, Dec 31 2004

       I was watching "Natural Cures They don't want you to know about" show or something on TBN and I am skeptical, Can someone find a cancer person or Diabites person and try and get them healed with alkalinity back into thier system? I really do think the Drug company is corrupt, and I refuse to buy anymore drugs unless it is for cosmetic purposes {Beano on the first date} or it's life threating. I voted + because I think we all need to be more food conscious. If In theory I stick my tounge on a Alkaline 9V battery does that constitute a part of my Alkaline diet?
LightDemonCodeHunter, Dec 31 2004

       [Diabetes person ... healed with alkalinity back into their system?] There are several minerals that figure prominently into glucose metabolism, and diabetics have one of the more time-critical control regimens of chronic diseases. Couple these facts with your understanding the digestive system's regularity is one of the best biological clocks we possess, and ... well, it may sound like I'm building a case but I'm really just pointing to some logical blocks for you to stack.
reensure, Dec 31 2004

       This sounds suspiciously like a way for nutritionists to make money to me. Firstly, I'd imagine the body already has some clever mechanism to regulate acidity, and secondly, nothing I eat is going to be anywhere near as acidic as my stomach acids (pH1-2) so I can't see that eating a bit of yoghurt or something is going to make a huge difference.
hippo, Jan 01 2005

       Nor would I swallow these precepts hook, line, and sinker -- unless macrobiotic precepts allow me to swallow also the rod and the child. Ymmmmmmmmmmm.
reensure, Jan 03 2005


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