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which one is the coffee one ?
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If, like me, you generally like chocolates, but despise the coffee cream*, it would be incredibly useful to have a way of labelling them. Obviously boxed chocolates normally come with a chocolate map, but this invariably gets lost en-route, or you need to make a snap chocolate decision. Hence the chocolabel.

A minute after opening the box, the chocolates 'ripen' to reveal little labels printed on the surface with their names (e.g. 'Coffee devil' ,'Brazil wonder'), another near disaster averted.

(* replace with own personal chocohatred). Of course I could have just suggested we come up with standard designs for chocolates, but I'm not sure that's a gooer.

neilp, Dec 15 2003

The World's Best Chocolates, IMHO http://www.hotelchocolat.com/cx1/
[jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I suppose it would be a more creative solution to the standardized choco-map.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003

       Genius. Similarly I'd like small o's and c's to help me distinguish between orange and coffee Revels.
jamieb, Dec 15 2003

       But, Neilp, if you know what you're going to get how can life be like a box of chocolates?
stapler, Dec 15 2003

       you wear the enclosed blindfold, standard issue with chocolabels.
neilp, Dec 15 2003

       It would mean you could no longer play Revel Roulette but that's only a good thing.
hazel, Dec 15 2003

       * you can send me those coffee creams (you can have the coconut ones in return).
DrCurry, Dec 15 2003

       [DrCurry] that sounds like the start of some sort of a chocoswapshop idea.
neilp, Dec 15 2003

       "We buy gently used chocolates."
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003

       Chocolate makers should just put a little dollop of the filling on top. Not only would it look decorative, it would let you know what's inside, and you could also pinch it off and taste it just to make sure that's the one you want.
tchaikovsky, Dec 16 2003

       Why have the labels "ripen" and apear only after the box is opened? It would be neat to watch I guess, but probalby more expensive than just putting regular edible labels on them... I'll croissant the idea even though I find it to be quite fun to pass a box of chocolates around and watch people's faces as they discover the unknown fillings.
luecke, Dec 16 2003

       [DrC] pass those coconut ones over here, if you have any spare coffee ones too...I'll have some icky fruit ones going spare, any takers?
silverstormer, Dec 16 2003

       <aside> For the best chocolates, go to hotelchocolat.com. You will not be disappointed - they are fan-'kin'-tastic. </aside>
jonthegeologist, Dec 16 2003

       [luecke] they ripen because (a) I love ripening (b) some people spend ages making chocolates look nice, and labels might detract.
neilp, Dec 16 2003


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