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All Connections On Front

Put all cable connections on the front of the computer case, behind a door.
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This would allow you to plug and unplug everything without having to move the computer. You would also be able to see the labeling of the jacks easier. And all of those unsightly things sticking out of the back would be history.

I'm assuming that the computer case would sit on rubber feet or something similar. The cables would emerge under the case near the front and could be routed toward the back, side, or front.

willatlguy, Mar 31 2002


       Actually, all those 'unsightly things sticking out of the back' would not be unsightly things sticking out of the front, the cables would be in the way, and it'd be a huge pain in the ass all around. The connectors are in the back because for the most part, it's not necessary to unplug the things in the back very often.
StarChaser, Mar 31 2002

       On most new systems, the only connections you'll access frequently (USB) are already front mounted.
waugsqueke, Apr 01 2002

       This would force the machine to be large. Think about how much surface area all of those connectors require. It would be a big door. Also, in order to get enough depth for all of those cables to be gathered, bent 90°, and conducted out the bottom, the connector field would need to be deeply recessed. This might result in the connectors being difficult to access (you'd have to reach well inside the machine to get to the connectors, depending on how this was designed) as well as making the machine deeper overall.   

       And, I think the motherboard would have be mounted backwards (not that that matters much).   

       Finally, Silicon Graphics did this with their Onyx boxes and generally it resulted in people taking the doors off the machines and spoiling their great looks (in fact, has anyone ever seen an Onyx in real use with the front door still intact?)
bristolz, Apr 01 2002

       I don't think the DIY answer is really appropriate. You could use that for basically anything. Nothing would ever get improved.   

       I must not be explaining myself very well. I'm not suggesting that the connections just stick out in full view on the front. My intention is to hide the connections completely.   

       Brisolz, you have a point. It probably would make the case longer.   

       What made me think of this was going to a bank and sitting at a desk across from someone with a desktop computer. Looking at all of those wires sticking out and the unfinished look of the unused ports, I thought about how much better it would look if all of that was hidden.   

       I suppose you could achieve the same look by keeping the connections in the back and hiding them from view. I extended the idea to include front access for convenience.   

       There is no reason why this couldn't be done by basically turning the computer around. That would be totally invisible on the outside.
willatlguy, Apr 02 2002

       willatlguy - If I were to run with it and post a slightly modified idea I'd do it like this. Do what thou wilt.

Cover Your Rear
hides wiring

Desktop CPU case looks good from front.
Horrendous from rear.
Behold! Rear Case Cover to the Rescue!
Extruded Plastic/Metal covers all but Fan and On/Off switch
Wing Nuts attach Cover to Rear for E-Z maintenance
V(-/+i)o(-/+i)la! Unsightly unsightliness B-Gon.
thumbwax, Apr 02 2002

       That sounds good. I suppose you could sell these as accessories. You would have to make multiple versions for different computer cases.
willatlguy, Apr 06 2002


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