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Bright cables

Find the cable you're looking for
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If a PC has 8 USB cables plugged in the back, it may be difficult to know which cable is the one you want to unplug and which isn't. This feature-added USB cable (or FireWire, or any other datalink, for that matter) has LED lights on both ends which toggle on or off when the user presses a button on either end. By turning on the LED for just the cable you want to unplug, you can spot the one you are looking for in the sea of cables. A cheaper option, but not as visible in the dark, would be to have color-coded stickers with matching colors for matching ends.
rhatta, Mar 20 2008

Lighted USB cables at Performance-PCs.com http://www.performa...index.php?cPath=252
[phoenix, Mar 21 2008]


       A better solution would be for manufacturers to use a greater variety of cable colours.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       Lighted USB cables are baked, though I don't know of any that only turn on when you press a button.
phoenix, Mar 21 2008


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