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Alter speed limits

Use advertising trick for speed limits
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Advertisers always advertise their prices as a penny below their "price." for example, a sofa for 500 pounds would be advertised for 499.99, why? Simple: a) The advertiser gets to say "less than 500 pounds", b) Your brain sees four hundred and something. You actually have to think a bit more to get the 500 bit, and by that time you've already had your "first impression." This works, it obviously works because the advertisers keep doing it. So why not learn the lesson and apply it to our speed limits? So my proposal is this: Reduce all speed limits by 1mph/kph. So instead of seeing 30 in a residential area, you see 29. Come on, 1mph isn't going to make a great deal of difference is it? But it will make a big difference to the way you think of it. The psychological barrier of going less than 30 is broken, and indeed the big bar saying 30mph becomes your marker to say "too fast" as opposed to "just right."
Rcomian, Apr 03 2003


       Ya know, I like this idea. It's novel, simple and just might work.   

       Welcome to the HB. +
PeterSilly, Apr 03 2003

       For some reason, I thought this would involve a church...

[Rcomian] an excellent proposal, encompassing human nature and simplicity of initialization.
ato_de, Apr 03 2003

       Nice idea. + Seems it would only be effective on even tens (x0) speeds, though.
bristolz, Apr 03 2003

       excellent. + well done.
sambwiches, Apr 03 2003

       Interesting idea. Not sure it would work. I drive 10 over the limit. I suppose it would slow me down by 1 mph.   

       Certainly wouldn't hurt.
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2003

kevindimie, Apr 03 2003

       Here's a stupid question: why are Germans smart enough to drive safely at 100mph, when we Americans are stuck at 65mph? Because Speed Limits are arbitrary. In some cases, you can drive faster than that on our roads, in other cases you should drive slower. Of course, to cut costs, our roads were built with asphalt, which can become dangerous at such high speeds, whereas the intelligent Germans used concrete.   

       *sigh* We should be using technology and education to raise speed limits, not using psychology to trick people into driving slower. You don't need to trick people.   

       It's always up to the indiviual whether they speed or not, how does lowering the number a bit affect that? By using a trick, you're actually taking away their choice.   

       If this came about, I'd want to see the payfor. How can you justify spending Millions reprinting every Speed Limit sign in America? I'd rather see the money go to better driver education, and improvments to the roads.
eion, Apr 03 2003

       //You don't need to trick people//

What planet are you from?
ato_de, Apr 03 2003

       eion: This idea has nothing to do with the general level of speed limit that gets set. I for one would love to see the limit for motorways in england revised to 99mph. This sort of speed isn't always appropriate, however - I'm sure the Germans don't have 100mph concrete roads going through residential areas. Lobbying for an increased speed on the faster roads is another issue. I agree with bristolz (love the hullaballoon, I want to make a model) in that it's only effective for multiples of 10, same is true with the marketing issue, taking a penny off a 1.25 item doesn't have much impact. Specify a limit of 29. That gives a message of twenty-something (on the high side). A limit of 30 gives a message of 30 something (but keep it low). The perception of the limit changes by almost 10mph, yet the limit hasn't been changed significantly at all. In short, it's a more effective way of getting the message across - the message that the authorities have been spending millions on trying to get across in anyway they can. If it works won't that be payfor enough? If it works it will be saving lives, how many would that take to be worthwhile?
Rcomian, Apr 03 2003

       All I can say is I would hate to get a ticket for going 30 in a 29km/h zone.   

       [coissant] :)
JackandJohn, Apr 03 2003

       I hereby award nine tenths of a croissant.
Don Quixote, Apr 04 2003

       I'm really not sure a "69" limit on British motorways would be conducive to people taking it more seriously.
whimsickle, Apr 04 2003

       hehe, maybe that's why the american limit is 65 then, whimsickle
Rcomian, Apr 04 2003

       Does anyone remember that some cars manufactured in the 1960's had adjustable speed buzzers built into the speedometer? You would turn a knob until a red bar was on the max speed that you wanted to drive. Then when your speedometer indicated that speed or higher, a buzzer would sound. Easy way not to get a ticket. Why not have small solar/battery powered transmitters broadcasting the speed limit every place the speed limit changes and in-car receivers that would indicate the current speed limit and activate a light or buzzer when you reach that speed. I know, I know. Speed limits are just for revenue generation. But "even if it saves just one child"! :)   

       Having driven in 46 US States, Canada (the third most popular contry in North America), and Europe (Ich liebe der Autobahn!), I've noticed 1 thing has the most affect on accidents... lane discipline.
foneman, Apr 06 2003

       eion, this idea is not trying to trample on your god-given right to drive like a jackass if that's the way you like to drive. And the monies required to alter the speed limit signs could be generated by enforcing speed limits more strictly. Money for driver education should be coming from the driver's own pocket, since driving is actually a privilege, not a right. NOTE - End of rant.   

       foneman, Canada is actually the third most screwed-up country in North America. And why have you driven through so many states (and how many provinces)? Are the police chasing you for practicing discipline in the lane? <grimaces when faced with mental image of foneman wearing leather chaps and nipple rings, wielding a whip>   

       Rcomian - pastry for you.
Canuck, Apr 07 2003

       "Speed limit WAS 39mph. Now only 29mph!!! Buy two cars, go 58mph!!"
hippo, Apr 07 2003

       [UnaBubba] - thanks for the stats. Does the source differentiate between urban and highway traffic? Would such a differentiation make a difference?
Don Quixote, Apr 07 2003

       //How can you justify spending Millions reprinting every Speed Limit sign in America?//   

       United States go metric. I guess the deadline is 2009-12-31. - An opportunity to apply the idea when roadsigns will be changed from mph to km/h, (or maybe m/s (?))
Inyuki, Apr 07 2003

       //What planet are you from?//   

       He's from America!
1234L5tuff, Jun 04 2003


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