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Anti-GATSO Chaff/Window

Tinsel scatters radar
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A tube or tubes filled with tinsel or aluminium foil is attatched to the underside of the car at the rear with the forward end open and the rear end covered up by a rotating disc with a tube sized hole in it.

When you see a GATSO speed camera ahead you simply push a button inside the car and the disc rotates opening the tube to the through-flow of air and ejecting the foil out the back of the car.

The chaff, as used by fighter jets to scatter radar, prevents the camera from detecting you and thus from triggering.

Of course, you'd have to practise a bit at releasing the chaff at the right time and you would leave a lot of litter around the place.

mecotterill, Feb 07 2008

Vegetable mountain http://www.foodnetw...n-recipe/index.html
[normzone, Jul 19 2009]


       Or just go fast enough to redshift the reflected signal beyond the detector's range.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2008

       Incidentally, it's "Gatso", not "GATSO" - it's not an acronym. It's named after the Dutch rally driver Maurice Gatsonides, who invented it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2008

       What, so it doesn't stand for Government Approved Tax on Speeding Organisms?
mecotterill, Feb 07 2008

       No. And in any case, it would be "Government-Approved" with a hyphen.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2008

       Why does a cloud of foil behind you block the vision of a camera in front of you? Also if the guy behind you crashes, won't you get a bigger ticket?
MisterQED, Feb 07 2008

       Yes, admittedly this only works on speed cameras that are facing the same way that you are travelling, so they only see the rear of your car.
mecotterill, Feb 07 2008

Dub, Feb 08 2008

       EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse?   

       Wouldn't you need to set of a nuclear explosion to generate one of those?
mecotterill, Feb 08 2008

       If that's what it takes to eliminate the Gatsos, I'm in. I don't have fissionables, but I can contribute a veritable mountain of ionization-type smoke detectors.
elhigh, Feb 08 2008

       Did he say 'vegetable mountain'?
mecotterill, Jul 19 2009

       I like the concept, but littering is against my alignment.   

       And yes, he said "vegetable mountain" (link).
normzone, Jul 19 2009


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