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Alternate Idea Name Annotation Field

Separate field for idea name annotations.
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In addition to having the ability to annote an idea with general free form text and specific links, it could be complimentary to have an annotation field directly below the idea name where one could submit alternative idea names, typically well-worded descriptive names or cool trademarkable names, e.g. Spravy. Original idea originators could then promote the alternative idea name to that of official idea name if they so choose.
dgeiser13, May 03 2001

self-explanatory idea names http://www.halfbake...tory_20idea_20names
[egnor, May 03 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       <pedant: 'complEmentary', as in 'bringing complEtion'>   

       I have to vote no. Anything that can't be accomplished via either annotations or links (and title changes can be annotated as such) does not properly belong here. Also, anything with the potential to give jutta more headaches is just bad, bad, bad.
absterge, May 03 2001

       And you can already do multiple superfluous redundant annotations anyway.
Dog Ed, May 03 2001

       I wouldn't mind if people got in the habit of suggesting better names for ideas. The idea's creator can choose whether to adopt the name and/or delete the suggestion.
egnor, May 03 2001


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