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Bicycle Dynamo Hubs used as motors
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Why not use a dynamo hub on a bicycle to charge a 6 volt motorcycle battery? the battery can be connected to the lights, so they will not go out when you stop. An added benifit is you could add a switch in the system to reverse the field and ground, turning the hub from a generator to a motor. A simple slotcar controller could be used for a throttle.
bicyclerider4life, Dec 24 2005


       [-] Could use a little more detail, and this is just an amalgamation of a number of previously baked ideas.
Honduras, Dec 24 2005

       ... but don't let that put you off too much.
po, Dec 24 2005

       What can I say? I just found this site and joined ...
bicyclerider4life, Dec 25 2005

       Welcome, [bicyclerider4life]. Please read the help file, under meta over there on the left. You'll have fun here...
normzone, Dec 25 2005

       From what I have been able to find on line, the dyno hubs cost much less than a motor hub. Question is, would the dyno hub overheat if used as a motor, and would it produce enough power as a motor to be useable?
bicyclerider4life, Dec 25 2005

       Wrong category and wrong title. Should be   

       Double Dynamo Usage Category:Vehicle:Bicycle
pashute, Feb 24 2011

       [bicyclerider4life] got an account on the date of this idea, posted this and one other anno that day, and never has been heard from again.
normzone, Feb 24 2011


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