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Alternative olympic shooting

A darn sight more exiting than just shooting a target.
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On a similar theme to the fencing idea really.

1. competitiors stalk each other in an 'enemy at the gates' kind of scenario in a large area, perhaps themed eg, winter wonderland, pirate cove etc. the competitors could use highly accurate paint ball guns or any other non lethal shooting device.

2. Pistol shooting could relive the old 10 paces turn and fire.

3. Pistol shooting- wild west stylie in a mock old west town complete with deperados on the roof tops etc.

4. One shot, the othe competior has to try and dodge it matrix fashion then its their go. coin toss decides who goes first.


Yosarian, Dec 08 2005

(?) The 2012O-C http://2012OlympicCompetitor.com
I'll post the link again though [jonthegeologist, Dec 08 2005]

(?) Cowboy Action Shooting http://www.cowboyac.../Facts&Figures.html
About CAS and the SASS [roleohibachi, Dec 08 2005]


       [marked-for-deletion] echo.
DrBob, Dec 08 2005

       sorry, whad I do?
Yosarian, Dec 08 2005

       //On a similar theme to the fencing idea really// That.
Better use of a spelling checker, and judicious use of the shift key would possibly gain more sympathy.
coprocephalous, Dec 08 2005

       From the help file [Yossarian]   

       echo - inventions that exaggerate a theme or flaw in another invention in order to point out its silliness. It's fine for an invention to be inspired by other inventions, but if you don't "get" the point of the new post if you haven't seen the other one first, it shouldn't be permanent.
skinflaps, Dec 08 2005

       Perhaps you might amalgamate this and any other alternative olympic ideas you might have into one big "Alternative Olympics" idea.   

       Or at the very least editting this one a little so it doesn't look so half-finished.
hidden truths, Dec 08 2005

       But I came up with the other fencing one. Skin &DrBob   

       I did try and edit it and it wouldn't I was going to bolt on a few more points regarding some kind of tomb- raideresque robot thingy that has to be neutralised by the competitor before sustaining some sort of injury. Im sorry this has caused so much negative interest.   

       For some reason I feel rather hurt. I do try with punctuation and spelling and I have always fought with the dyslexia but always feel a little reminded of the negativity I recieved at school when people bring it up. Having said this, if it brightens your day feel free to continue picking holes in an already leaky idea (only trying to provide a smile or two).
Yosarian, Dec 08 2005

       Don't take it personally [Yosarian]. It just happens that this place contains more than its fair share of spelling pedants, and people can get caught up in the spelling mania.   

       The principle problem with this idea is that it smacks of "Look how well my other idea did, let's do another one that is almost the same, and so should get the same result". That and much of this idea seems to be made entirely of lifting scenes from films (another big no-no here).   

       (P.S. Try the edit again. It could have been a momentary glitch).
hidden truths, Dec 08 2005

       You forgot "5. Combined downhill skiing/biathlon whilst being pursued by motorcycle-mounted henchmen, armed with rockets and grenade launchers"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 08 2005

       point taken, won't do it again, just got carried away with earning that tasty light pastry the first time round. Its sooo tasty and it feels good. I have now learnt that there is no easy way to earn it. you must think. Be more inventive. no easy path.... that leads to the fish side.
Yosarian, Dec 08 2005

       Baked - Paintballing.   

       You now just have to campaign to have Paintballing become an Olympic sport.
Minimal, Dec 08 2005

       // You now just have to campaign to have Paintballing become an Olympic sport //   

       For reasons that might be known to some (see link), I know that the IOC has closed the ability to have exhibition sports at the Olympics (from Atlanta 96) and that agreements on new sports must be gained 7 years prior to Games.   

       So you're not gonna get painballing into the Olympics until the 2016 games at least now.
jonthegeologist, Dec 08 2005

       Very baked, on two levels - paintballing, obviously, and cowboy action shooting. See link. So, this is a lets-all for the olympics?
roleohibachi, Dec 08 2005


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