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take a deep breath...
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Faster, Higher, Stronger.. all without breathing. Standard events, with competitors not being allowed to breathe. Some might have to be changed a bit, like the marathon, into events where it's just a case of see who can get furthest away from the starting line..
new tactics involve working out whether a quick sprint, or a determined walk will get the required result.

<aside>I'm now considering anaeromatherapy as a potential training process</aside>
neilp, Oct 01 2003

Tanya Streeter http://www.tanyastreeter.com
At least Britain would win a few medals. Tanya can free-dive to 400ft (in 3m 38s). [hippo, Oct 05 2004]

Anaerobic excercise http://www.rice.edu...obic.threshold.html
it seems I may have been closer to the truth than I expected [neilp, Oct 05 2004]


       <sharp intake of breath> allround good entertainment with the added bonus that the crowd torment the athletes with their unrestricted breathing. It does beg the question as to how you work out whether an athlete has breathed? Some kind of corset to restrict exhalation? A face mask maybe with coloured dye dust that makes a visible purple cloud when the competitors competion completes? </breathes out and relaxes>
jonthegeologist, Oct 01 2003

       Did you leave an 'r' out of the title, intending to pun on 'anaerobic?'
snarfyguy, Oct 01 2003

       [snaryguy] - not a pun, I don't do those, I was just trying to make the word neater, to match Anabolympics
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       [jtg] could always just run the race in what would literally be a different atmosphere, nitrogen or something. Then there'd just be an oxygen tent for punters to run to afterwards.
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       [np] it'll be a harsh competition. No room for pushing yourself really. One misjudged extra step and it's curtains for you, though you might make it into the record books. Dedication's what you need.
hazel, Oct 01 2003

       //[snaryguy] - not a pun, I don't do those, I was just trying to make the word neater, to match Anabolympics//   

       I just asked 'cause 'anaerobolympics' has a nice lilt to it, and the three vowels in a row is a problem.
snarfyguy, Oct 01 2003

       you're right of course, renamed by popular request., thanks [snarfguy]
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       You'll of course want to include free diving. It's done this way already. It'd be pretty easy to tell if someone tried to cheat by taking a breath, too.
half, Oct 01 2003

       the equestrian events are causing me concern.. do you think they can be trained ?
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       that's what you need the equine corset for. It's like an extended, all body width saddle. Watch the horse inhale, tighten the equine corset, ride it until it stops, release corset.

Measure distance.
jonthegeologist, Oct 01 2003

       [jtg], I can't support your corset based vision. I'm sure the horses will see the point here and just be honest enough to hold their breaths
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       an 'onest 'orse? Careful now, this thread has degenerated into nonsense.
jonthegeologist, Oct 01 2003

       <aside>[hippo] - Tanya looks like she could probably do with a career break, that's quite a stare</aside>
neilp, Oct 01 2003

       “Constant Ballast Without Fins”. I still think I hold the unofficial world-record for this. Tanya will beat it though. I don’t see how, but she will. <back on topic> Holding your breath while doing athletics is a stoopid idea, (+). </bot>
Shz, Oct 01 2003

       thanks [Shz] - don't knock it till you've tried it :)
neilp, Oct 02 2003

       Can't wait for Mexico city to host the event. Most athletes would drop dead (or pass out, at least) after their attempt to intake the greatest amout possible of our extremely polluted air. Everyone but the mexicans, that is. Mwahahahaha!
Pericles, Oct 04 2003

       Given humans' propensity to do daft things, I can actually see this catching on, but don't hol...er...
egbert, Oct 04 2003

       I'm with eg.
galukalock, Oct 04 2003

       I used to play underwater hockey, (no I didn't make it up), and it's amazing how long you can exert yourself without taking a breath. Even after everything starts to go black.   


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