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Alu-Drill Kitchen Scrubber

Drill clamp attachment for Kitchen cleaning with a lump of foil
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Drill clamp attachment for all purpose kitchen cleaning e.g. scrubbing Pots pans and surfaces with a disposable/recyclable scrunched up ball of Kitchen foil with mini clamp.

On cleaning the kitchen the other day it occurred to me that regular Aluminium foil was an excellent wet or dry cleaner for calcified sink & cookware etc. Of course cleaning anything by hand seems like an un-necessary use of my time, so I propose a jig for clamping a lump of partially used kitchen foil on to the end of a Drill. This could then be applied to almost anything that needed cleaning within reason/damage. Due to the pliability of this wonder product, it could be shaped to fit into almost any crevice or flat surface, by the user, and because foil appears so often in the kitchen its not a big deal to throw away a chunk of mangled foil polisher, before the metal Jig starts to drill a hole into your kitchen surface.

Granted there are risks with using drills near running water , but surely the benefits out way the risks.

PainOCommonSense, Sep 19 2012


       [+] for powertools in the kitchen, but I wonder if this is not redundant with the general idea of using power tools for culinary purposes?
pocmloc, Sep 19 2012


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