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Aluminum Balls

Aluminum balls go along with Aluminum Bats
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Well, they pretty much ruined baseball when they invented the aluminum bat. Why not go all the way and use an Aluminum ball as well? That ought to make a really nice "Plinking" sound when it hits the bat, now wouldn't it?
tosspot62, Jun 23 2007

(?) these bats are looking for their aluminum balls http://www.lasergrl...t/HalloweenBats.jpg
[xandram, Jun 24 2007]

Blernsball http://www.answers.com/blernsball
The jazzed-up Futurama version of baseball. [quantum_flux, Jun 25 2007]


       Disappointed - I thought this was a device for cooling one's testicles to improve fertitlity.
nuclear hobo, Jun 23 2007

       Not interested in finned heatsinks between my legs, too much potential for injury.
normzone, Jun 23 2007

       It could work like a heat shield in reverse - a testicle holder made out of perforated aluminum to help increase heat transfer. But then you'd need ventilated pants, too - maybe a pocket fan could be run from excess testicle heat.
nuclear hobo, Jun 23 2007

       You see now, is this fair? I put an invention on this site and was told it sounded like a rant (which, hands up, it was) so I took it off again. Yours sounds like a rant and no one seems bothered. Sorry, is this starting to sound like a rant?   

       Anyway, I'm on your side, you can't beat a good rant. So what is Baseball anyway?
jethrotull, Jun 24 2007

       I think you would need to go with some sort of jacketed aluminum balls that way you could pump coolant through them and chill the coolant at a remote source say like a crown or something. Just don't forget your wearing them when you get to the airport.   

       The only problem I see with this idea is that the name somehow got switched to this lame rant idea about metal baseballs. I wonder if Jutta still has a bug after the database repair.
jhomrighaus, Jun 24 2007

       //So what is Baseball anyway?// - It's an extreme sport that involves dropping balls off cliffs and tall buildings.
wagster, Jun 24 2007

       i would try it just once (the aluminum ball thing - for baseball!) but only until it hurt me.
abhorsen1983, Jun 25 2007

       //I thought this was a device for cooling one's testicles to improve fertitlity.//   

       Uh, you probably want to, uh, you know, cryogenically freeze it when it is in a test tube instead of, uh, well you've seen Austin Powers], right!?   

       On an unrelated note, aluminum balls in baseball, huh? I'm sure this wouldn't make the game any less boring than it already is, chew on this [0 <calories>], but hmmm, oh I know....blernsball would jazz it up!
quantum_flux, Jun 25 2007

       You sure as hell don't want to get crowded off the plate with that ball!   

       The game's sound would change again. From the *ping!* of the bat and ball now, to the *CLANK!* of the bat and ball under this concept.
elhigh, Jul 05 2007

       Would it be a *CLANK* or more of a *SPANG*?
shapu, Jul 05 2007

       It would probably be closer to [tosspot]'s *PLINK*. I however would prefer more of a *SPLANGGGG!*. Any metallurgists here able to devise a bat/ball combo with such a cartoony impact noise?
wagster, Jul 05 2007

       Are we sure this isn't an idea for a metal recycling social occasion with dancing, cake, and punch?
normzone, Jul 05 2007

       You've *got* to have aluminum gloves to catch the balls with, too. And an aluminum umpire's mask.
phundug, Jul 05 2007

       [wagster], maybe if the bat is a metal dustbin lid?
imaginality, Jul 05 2007

       Yup, or a frying pan.
wagster, Jul 05 2007

       I think I'm expected to chemically castrate the lot of you...   

       and it will be a pleasure.
po, Jul 05 2007

       Way ahead of you, po. I just wish I had thought of it earlier. It would have saved me so much misery...
Aq_Bi, Jul 06 2007

       Yep, they stick to corking and steriods.
Texticle, Jul 11 2007

       //you can't re-use the balls since they'd become dented and warped in very short order.//   

       The changing surface texture of the ball would make the game more interesting, especially from a pitcher's point of view. Also, aluminum is highly recyclable.   

       //have you ever seen an aluminum bat that has been over-used? When it shatters (and they do) it has lots of sharp edges.//   

       Nope. But I have shattered wood bats, and they have sharp edges and splinters.   

       //Baseball was NOT ruined by the aluminum bat, at least not professional baseball.//   

       Agreed. Baseball was ruined by television, corporate marketing and greed.
nuclear hobo, Jul 11 2007


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