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Batters run either way
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Runners proceed around the bases depending on whether they're right handed or left handed. Righties go to first, then second, then third, then home. Lefties go from third to second to first then home. Thus, there could be six runners on base at any time. On a grand slam, seven runs would score. Lots of interesting plays in the field would occur as the defense tried to remember which way the runners are going. Umpiring skills would have to be honed in order to keep track of who's eligible to be out. Football-like collisions would occur as team mates piled into one another on base and in the basepaths.
Juliec, Jun 29 2000


       Maybe if there were more bases?
naveline, Jul 15 2000

       How does the scale of half-bakedness work? What makes an idea more (or less) half-baked than another?
lee, Jan 18 2001

       This one has to be less halfbaked than the others because it has farther to go before it's done, and it's from a girl about baseball.
Tito San Dimas, Mar 02 2001

       In A.D. 2001, baseball was happening.......   

       Second Baseman: What happen?   

       First Baseman: Someone hit up us the ball!   

       Batter: How are you fielders? All your base are belong to me.   

       Batter: You are on the way to loss. You have no chance to win make your inning.   

       First Baseman: Throw 'zig'   

       Second Baseman: For great pasttime.
Wes, Mar 04 2001

StarChaser, Mar 04 2001

       [clintoncole55] take your annotation elsewhere. Learn to be polite.   

       Baseball is dull ... that's my opinion. Yours is different. That's what free speech is all about.   

       Moron. (IMHO).
jonthegeologist, Feb 13 2004

       You can have my vote on the following conditions:   

       1. Batters can choose which way to run, regardless of which way they bat.
2. Add a path connecting 1st and 3rd base. It's more risky because it takes more time, but it is shorter than going around.
3. Furthermore, stipulate that just like today's rules, no two runners can occupy the same base. That means with runners on 1st and 3rd going in opposite directions, one will have to either cut through or wait to go to second. That also means if a runner decides to wait, then the batter must go the other way. And if the runner's gonna cross, then the batter's gotta go to where the runner was. Make sense? Definitely less boring.

       I was gonna post this as my own idea, but I probably would have got fishbones for redundancy and the like.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 23 2004

       Won't all this hurt beer sales, though?
Ander, Feb 24 2004

       It will help brewski sales because people will be standing up quickly, knocking over their cups as brouhahas break out incessantly for the minorest of plays. Pardon the vernacular.
juliec2, Jun 28 2004

contracts, Jun 29 2004

       This is rubbish.   

       No originality. No beauty. No fun.   

       It's not even stooopid.
lemon tetra, Jun 30 2004


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