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Always "correct" barricade tape

Right side up/ upside down lettering
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I just saw another terrible crime story in the news. And not to make light of it, but the yellow "Crime Scene/Do Not Cross" barricade tape was deployed with the text upside-down. I've seen that many times and I've heard many pointed criticisms of the police who put up the tape.
Why not print the tape such that each alternating "Crime Scene/Do Not Cross" is inverted? That way, no matter what, the tape is always "correct". It would help improve the public perception of the police force (in an admittedly small way) by obviating nasty comments.
Gamma48, Jun 01 2009

Ambigram http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambigram
[xaviergisz, Jun 02 2009]

FlipText.Net http://www.en.fliptext.net/
[Dub, Jun 06 2009]


       How about using an ambigram?
xaviergisz, Jun 02 2009

       I've never seenthat problem where I live. I don't know what the staffing situation is in other cities but around here, most of the jurisdictions have someone specifically assigned to the duty of running the barricade tape because they don't want a situation where someone crossed it as a result of not being able to read it.
Jscotty, Jun 02 2009

       "Alleged Crime Scene"
Zimmy, Jun 02 2009

       I meant "correct side up", but good point Ian. Why not include multiple languages on the tape? Braille might be tricky though. I draw the line at COBOL and PERL.
Gamma48, Jun 04 2009

       LOL [Zimmy], good point.
simonj, Jun 04 2009

       If you did baked this, the cops would just apply the tape so that it faced inward toward the crime scene instead of outward.   

       And if you printed it on both sides, they would find some way to choke to death on it.
nomocrow, Jun 04 2009

       [Linky / ʎʞuýl] {Doesn't come out right on HB annos}   

       [bun - unq - bun - unq -bun - unq - bun - unq -...]
Dub, Jun 06 2009

       Why not just use electrified tape, like that which is used to control otherwise wayward cattle? This should keep all the police personnel safely contained within the crime scene.
xenzag, Jun 06 2009

       The purpose of the tape is to make it look official when the news crew show up. I suggest, given the international nature of news these days, that the tape is replaced with a series of alignment marks, e.g. + X + X. These can be replaced using CGI with either a message from the news channel's sponsor, or a translation of "Crime Scene Do Not Enter" in the local language.
vincevincevince, Jun 08 2009

       To all those people that can't read upside down, or back to front. Or even, *not* notice the cautionary colour of the tape, in whatever colour or language or orientation. And those that wish to eat items placed in a microwave oven that should have not been there, or those that believe 100 $ free casino chips are a free 100 $, or those that believe dark matter could be alien civilisations beaming photons back in the same way we send them. And to those that believe an omniscient being had to divide himself into three, or five, or whatever, just to care about us. And to those that think a omniscient being could give a shit, and to those that think an omniscient being is... is.   

       To all those I say: Reality line, please cross.
4whom, Jun 08 2009

       ^[xenzag]^ LAWLS   

       Seriously, that was genius. And oh yeah, [+].
Eugene, Jun 08 2009


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