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Camera Only Automated Speed Trap

Who needs radar or lasers?
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This idea is a way for the police to identify how fast a vehicle is driving on a highway, *and* who is driving it, using only a trio of cameras.

All three cameras are mounted above the highway, aimed downward. They are mounted either on the frames holding exit signs, or on the undersides of overpasses. A special purpose framework might also work, but would obviously be pricier than reusing existing structures.

The first camera is angled so it can see cars coming towards it, specifically so it can look through the front windshields at the drivers. The second camera is mounted fairly close to the first one, but aimed so it can see the backsides of these same vehicles -- especially their rear license plates. The third camera is mounted hundreds of feet further along this same highway, also aimed downwards to see rear license plates of vehicles passing under it.

By dividing the distance between the second camera and the third one by the time it takes for each vehicle to be seen by the second camera and the third, we have each car's speed.

The reason a photo of the driver is needed is so speeders can't say, "Sure, you saw my car speeding, but I wasn't in it!"

For legal reasons, it can't be 100% automated, but the amount of effort needed for a law officer to look at the pictures and times, and say "yeah, that's the same car in all three shots, *and* the person driving matches the photo of the drivers liscence of the person registered as the car's owner" then print out a ticket to mail to you, is pretty small.

An alternative method of delivering tickets to speeders is for the system to transmit, in real time, the pictures and calculated speeds, to a nearby police car, which chases down the speeding car, and issues a ticket.

goldbb, Nov 24 2017

We have had exactly this system in the UK for years https://en.wikipedi...PECS_(speed_camera)
[mitxela, Nov 24 2017]


       What [mitxela]'s link said; and it's just now being introduced in Australia.
pertinax, Nov 24 2017

       So, how exactly do speed cameras work in [goldbb]'s country?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 24 2017


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