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Well, it could just redirect to this site.
bmw, May 03 2001

(?) ami*ornot*.*: 355. http://www.domainsu...+results&res=%5EAMI
More focused query yields more significant results, film at 11. [jutta, May 03 2001]


       Hmm... I wonder how many am-i-x-or-not sites there are? I know of amihotornot.com and amiallyourbaseornot.com, but I'm sure there must be more...
supercat, Jul 21 2001

       Coming next - the domain dispute over the rights to AmICybersqattingOnNot.com :)
MonTemplar, Aug 19 2001

       I accidentally fell into the world of the half-baked and I just feel right at home here... long live the halfbakery and all your goofy ideas that all of you share! Conformity be damned. All half-baked ideas rock! I got something to say about most of the topics and may come up with some of my own. PS: Reeks of the world of Bob Dobbs to me...????
yvonne37, Oct 02 2002

       ... aside from Society For Implementation of halfbaked ideas, yvonne37 was never seen again.
thumbwax, Jun 02 2003

       Last known sighting, on, The Far Side.
Ah Supp, Oct 04 2011

       //Reeks of the world of Bob Dobbs to me//   

       Well it isn't me. I'm freshly showered!
Ah Supp, Oct 09 2011


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