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Halfbakery Awards

"In the category, 'most gratuitous reference to vaginas in an invention', the nominees are..."
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I'm sure this has been suggested, but I couldn't find it in the tv or web alternate forms of Halfbakery categories.

The show would be posted on the web annually the same date as the Academy Awards. Paste it together with flash animation, South Park style and nominees would send in a picture of themselves to be animated walking up on a little stage and making their acceptance speech. The speech would be an audio file they sent in as well and the picture would have a little animated mouth matching the words. Halfbakers would send in their votes, the show would be edited together with music, an mc, the whole bit. Winners get a trophy, some art deco looking scantily clad lady kind of deal holding up a croissant.

Have best comment categories, worst invention, most misspellings, most confusing, and of course, the main event of the evening, the best idea of the year.

doctorremulac3, Jul 31 2005

animated mouth matching the words. http://www.oddcast.com/sitepal2/
Oddly enough, I look and sound exactly like their spokesperson. [jutta, Jul 31 2005]


       "And the winner in the 'Least Likely to be Baked' Category, this very award show. We are gathered here tonight to say that this show will never take place, and that all participating in it must be right gits. Ladies and gentlemen; look around you! Could something like this ever happen? Of course not! Don't be silly! We are not here, we will never be here, this could never happen. Please, ladies and gentlemen, cease to exist, and pretend this never happened. Thank you and good ni . . " <*>   

baconbrain, Jul 31 2005

       Because your intention is to piss women off, I give you a bun. (benfrost has this area covered).   

       There is nothing surprising here, amoungst the adults; we have all seen vaginas, some of us even own one. (Buy an XXX rated mag, and beat the hell outta yourself.)
blissmiss, Jul 31 2005

       [bliss,] I think you misunderstood, this is about awarding all kinds of categories, the vagina thing is just his subtitle. Usually I don't like ideas that try to change the halfbakery, but this would be a whole nother web site so I guess it's ok.
dentworth, Jul 31 2005

       Oops, I get it now, -
blissmiss, Jul 31 2005

       "Welcome to Sitepal. We're open three hundred and sixty five days of the year, and the weekend is no exception!"   

       Difficult for a computer generated head to be anything other than deadpan, but still made me snigger.
moomintroll, Jul 31 2005

       [jutta] Uncanny.
hippo, Jul 31 2005

po, Jul 31 2005

       Yeah. The "wiggle-the-ears" thing is hot!
reensure, Jul 31 2005

       Name suggestions from Zimmy's now deleted similar idea:
"The Sconies" (Zimmy) with singular: Sconey (kuupuuluu)
"The Danishies." (shapu)
"The Toasties". (Ian Tindale)
"The Bunnies" (BrauBeaton)
"Danes" (jellydoughnut)
jutta, Jun 12 2006


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